The Scottish and I had the best time last weekend celebrating our one year wedding anniversary in downtown Minneapolis.  Life during a move can be pretty hectic so we were grateful for some time alone.  Plus, when you’re living with your parents, there’s not a ton of privacy.  Luckily, our parents were nice enough to watch McKenna for us so we were sans all responsibilities.  What a blessing that is!  I’m convinced we should do this every year now in March.


We arrived at the hotel Friday night and got a cheap meal at Cosi followed by drinks (kiddie cocktail for me) at a nicer restaurant and then back to the hotel for an early night in of opening presents, cards, and cuddling.  A well-known fact is that the first year anniversary gift is paper, but the adorable Scottish looked up the modern equivalent and went with that instead.  The first year modern gift is a clock!  He surprised me with this beautiful engraved frame and quartz clock from Things Remembered.  I can’t wait to put a picture in there when we become a family of three!

On Saturday, much to the chagrin of my husband I woke up alert and awake at 7:30 AM. I was so excited!  No house hunting obligations or errands to run, no walking the dog or picking up poop.  We could do whatever we wanted!  Well, The Scottish wanted to sleep (duh) so I turned on HGTV and stuffed my face with a huge lemon poppy-seed muffin.

Hotel Tip: Always bring food for breakfast, it’s one less meal you have to eat out, especially if it’s not included in the price of your stay as is usually the case with the nicer hotels.  I brought bananas and muffins for the morning, and fruit snacks, cookies, and Cheetos for snacks.  We purposely never ordered dessert when at a restaurant but instead would go back to the hotel to have something yummy and sweet.  Yes, I eat terribly but I’m pregnant and food is good.  And it was my anniversary, I indulged!!

After I managed to get The Scottish up and out of bed we headed out to do some shopping for The Wee One.  Buying our first set of clothes for our first child was a pretty special moment.  We also went to Barnes and Noble to get a start on his book collection.

shopping for baby

After shopping and lunch at Crave (all without leaving the skyway!) we headed to my surprise gift, our couples massages!  The Scottish and I are very different people with mostly different interests.  He likes technology, loud bars, late nights, video games, sports, movies, and web design.  I like writing, theatre, singing, shopping, coffee shops, going for walks, and socializing.  But the one major thing we have in common is INDULGENCE.  We both love to be pampered, taken care of, and treated well.  We love nice hotels, fancy restaurants, and especially massages.  🙂

I had a prenatal massage of course and it was awesome except for the whole getting into the padding that was supposed to fit my swollen stomach perfectly.  I was too far up when she back in the room and my boobs were smashed so she helped me adjust myself to put my belly and breasts into their respective slots.  My massage was awesome and The Scottish really enjoyed his too.  Success!  We were feeling relaxed and ready to wander around again.  We ended up ordering in food to our room for an early dinner because nothing was open that would constitute a quick meal, and we had to get changed into our fancy clothes.  Score one for me because I had a boxy-style regular dress that still fit my growing bump!


Why did we have to dress up?  Because The Scottish was taking me to the opera!  I’ve only seen opera productions in college so this was a real treat and something we’ve been meaning to do forever.  We saw The Dream of Valentino at the Ordway, and it was good but unfortunately I wouldn’t call it amazing.  I look forward to seeing more operas in the future!

The next morning we headed out to get me a coffee, took our time getting ready and were promptly picked up by The Sister and The Brother-in-law at noon. It was a great weekend, and while it probably won’t happen again anytime soon, I have lots of wonderful memories!

What did you do for your first year wedding anniversary?

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8 Responses to “An Anniversary of Indulgence”

  1. Anita

    We actually went to KC for our first anniversary! (That would have been while you were living there, crazy enough!). Stayed in a hotel, did some shopping and saw a movie, had some good food. All around a good time! I’m glad you enjoyed your anniversary!

    • Stephanie

      I grew up camping all the time and still go every year with my family! My parents also did a camping honeymoon. I hope you had a great time!

  2. CoCo

    Spent 18 days in the West Indies island hopping over 7 different islands. Drank a lot of rum and got eaten alive by mosquitos. It was perfect. What did you get Mr. Sword for his anni present?

    • Stephanie

      WOW, sounds lovely! A fabulous anniversary. I didn’t buy him anything as I’d just spent way too much money on his 30th birthday gifts a week earlier. He didn’t mind at all! 🙂

  3. Andrea

    You’ll have to let me know if you and The Scottish can ever get away for an east coast adventure to DC (I assume it won’t be for some time what with The Wee One on his way). We can give you a tour of the Kennedy Center and get you tickets for something that really is amazing!



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