OK seriously people, we need to find a home!  We just had a tortuously long wait only to find out another offer we submitted on a home was rejected.  C’est la vie right?  Well, I hate getting my hopes up only to have them stepped on and tossed about.  This might not seem like a long time to some people (probably because it’s not) but it’s been almost two full months of searching, three houses we’ve loved, and two submitted and rejected offers (in multiple offer scenarios).  The market is over-flowing with buyers and homes are priced to sell.  It’s incredibly draining and even more difficult knowing Baby Boy is on his way whether we have a home or not!

I know I need to be grateful for all the blessings in my life but I’m feeling so antsy and restless without a place to call our own.  And let me tell you guys, I’m really sick of living with about 1/8 of our things.  Talk about minimalism.

Luckily there are some pros to living with my parents:

I get to see my parents all the time!  (Yes, we all still like each other!)

McKenna has built-in babysitters and more people to grab attention from.

We are saving money!

But the biggest con if you will is the fact that living at home has turned me into a 15-year-old again.  You know how when you’re in a familiar setting you revert back to old behaviors and/or feelings?  Well I do.  And living at home with The Mother and The Father is making me extra whiny and emotional (as if I wasn’t those things already).  I want to curl up in my bed like when I was an angsty teenager instead of dealing with my life.  I want to cry to my mom (poor her, lucky Scottish) because she always makes me feel better. I want to make my dad help with silly little things instead of doing them myself.  What is wrong with me!?!?  I desperately need to be Woman of House again and not this 30-year-old emotional pregnant daughter with two appendages, husband and dog.

Truth is if we don’t find a house in the next month or two it might be time to go back to over-priced, dog fee riddled, washer/dryer lacking, apartment hunting.  Which if that’s the case, somebody shoot me right now.  I can’t take the roller coaster!

As always I’ll keep you guys posted.  And since I don’t have any pictures of my recent childish behavior I leave with you a short video clip of sweet McKenna running away from the camera.  This is why you rarely see McKenna photos on DH.

Do you revert back to old behaviors when you stay with family?  Am I the only one!?!?

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2 Responses to “I Got the Living At Home Blues”

  1. Emily

    So sorry about two failed offers! If you are in a bidding war again you can always write a letter to the owners explaining how much you love the house and see your growing family in it etc. Our realtor wrote one for us when we were competing for our house explaining how I was pregnant with our second little boy and really saw our family making it a home. Sometimes the personal touch makes a difference! I’m sure the right home will find you soon!!

    • Stephanie

      That’s a really good idea! We actually did try some personalizing with the last offer, our Realtor is a family friend so he told the other agent he had known me for almost 30 years. But maybe we’ll try the letter next time and I can tell them we are expecting and really want this house, haha! Thank for the comment Em!


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