That’s right folks, time for some more pregnancy bump photos!  These seem to be popular posts based on viewing hits which baffles but doesn’t bother me.  I’m happy to share these and I really love watching my tummy grow along with all of you!

Two new random symptoms of note:

Blurry vision.  For those who are thinking, eek, you have preeclampsia, don’t fret, I don’t think it’s that.  It’s only happened one time and I don’t seem to have any other symptoms of preeclampsia, however I will talk to my OB about it at my next appointment.  The most common reasoning behind it is that women have extra fluid in their eyes during pregnancy and this can cause swelling, dizziness, and vision problems, but normal eyesight should return once you give birth.

Sore tailbone.  I kid you not, this is a thing!  Also known as coccyx pain, this happens during pregnancy because of additional hormones and relaxation of the ligaments in your pelvic floor.  It’s more common with women who have a herniated disc (check), constipation (double check), or a lower back injury (does falling on my ass on an icy sidewalk count?).

This also doesn’t go away until after you give birth, awesome!  But I can buy myself a donut pillow or something to alleviate the pain if needed.  So far my coccyx discomfort is just an annoyance, we’ll see if it gets worse.

Aren’t random preggo symptoms so ridiculous?  Aren’t you glad I am an over-sharer?  🙂

On to the photos!  The last few weeks seem to have been my gray phase for some unknown reason.  Seeing them all next to each other is very underwhelming, so bland!  My goal for all upcoming bump pics is going to be to incorporate more color!

17, 18, 19 Weeks edited

Fun news, from now on, each weekly bump photo will be on it’s own and contain a little info tidbit.  No, there will be no fruit comparisons or baby stats, but I will try to share something interesting from that week.  I’ll continue to lump them together and will most likely do a bump update every 2-3 weeks.  I’m starting to grow faster and bigger and I feel like there is noticeable differences from week to week now which is exciting.  I’m already starting to move slower too, haha.  That said, growing a human is incredibly fun.  Again you’ll see I couldn’t get away from the gray!


20 weeks edited


21 weeks edited


There ya have it, The Wee One is growing!

Next week I’m heading to North Dakota to visit The Grandma with The Mother, but don’t worry, all regularly scheduled blogging will remain the same.  Have a great weekend everybody!!  🙂

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4 Responses to “Bump It Up”

  1. JennyinAZ

    Well you look fantastic! Sorry for your blurry vision and sore tailbone! They both sound rather unpleasant! Also, I don’t think the grey is a problem 🙂

  2. The Waiting

    I love random pregnancy symptoms. My fingernails grew super fast and super hard when I was pregnant, and I completely miss that.

    You are such a cute lil’ preggo! Even in all that gray 😉



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