Happy Monday everybody!  I’m here with a blogging challenge I discovered last week.  I’ve felt a little stuck in my own blogging world lately and wanted to connect with other bloggers, so hopefully you will enjoy finding out some info about The Scottish and I from before we were married.

The challenge is actually a seven-day event but I’m choosing to do it all in one shot because daily blogging just doesn’t work for me.  This challenge was created by Kayla from Chasing a Daredevil and Twins.  Such a great idea!

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1. First picture taken of us

Winter 2009 to 2010 017

We had gone to Millennium Park in Chicago to walk around and look at lights or go ice skating or something along those lines.  Frankly, I don’t remember the plan but it was a good meeting point for us as we lived on opposite sides of the city.  We met up and took some cute pictures in front of the lit up fountains in the center of the park and had a lovely date.

The humorous part is that when one of us posted this picture on Facebook, all of The Scottish’s friends gave him crap for introducing me via a picture online.  His best man even brought it up at our wedding, explaining what they all thought in Scotland, “Who is this young lady?” (pause)  “And what’s she doing with The Scottish?”

2. First homemade meal

In case this wasn’t obvious The Scottish and I are not interested much in cooking.  I do it out of necessity but I don’t derive any pleasure from cooking and The Scottish is a master at reheating frozen meals.  One night a few months in we decided to save money and make a big meal together for a romantic night in.  Pretty sure we haven’t done another one since!

Turns out I’m the type of person who just dumps in spices at random, barely follows directions, and could care less how the dish comes out.  The Scottish likes to read every single thing, and follow each direction as accurately as possible because he’s terrified it won’t turn out well and he’ll starve.  This meant that he was racing back and forth to my laptop where the recipe was displayed and I was bouncing around the kitchen trying to rush through things, seasoning however I liked.  We couldn’t have been more opposite.  Now we just eat out a lot more.  🙂

3. Favorite present received before marriage

My favorite gift from The Scottish pre- wedding was a pair of purple Swarovski crystal earrings (I told him early on you can’t go wrong with jewelry and to stay away from electronics at all costs) and these wall decals that were quotes about love.  I love quotes and I was totally into that wall decal fad a few years ago.  In fact, I may still be into it now!  Is it still popular?

4. Share the moment you knew he was the one

I knew after a camping trip with my family in August of 2010.  We’d been dating since late November of 2009 and we’d said “I love you” and all that, we’d even started talking about the future, but once he was around my family I could tell he just belonged there.

Camping August 2010 019

A place he doesn’t belong is a campsite.  Pretty sure his eyes are closed in this picture and he looked really out-of-place in long jeans in August but hey, I look tan and cute! He was a great trooper considering it was only his second time camping ever.  🙂

5. First song dedicated to me

Not applicable. This is entirely too romantic and 80’s for The Scottish.

6. Family’s first impression

The Father and The Glue really liked him because he had a cool accent, and talked about beer and (American) football.  The Sister decided he was the one when she heard he was helping me wrap Christmas presents, since she knows I’m terrible at it and any man who would do that after a few weeks of dating is a keeper.  The Mother was a bit more cautious at first but in the end she realized what great compliments we were to each other.  In fact, she might like him more than me at this point, haha.  Figures.

7. Typical date night

We liked to be out of the house for date nights.  We did movies with buttery popcorn.  Fancy restaurants with great service and delicious food.  Exploring new places and events in the city.

Write a letter to your newly engaged self:

Dear Stephanie,

Here are a few tips on living with your future husband:

1. He won’t be able to find anything without step by step instructions and even then you might as well find it for him yourself.

2. He will play LOTS of Xbox.

3. He will have night owl tendencies and be difficult to get up in the mornings.

4. He will leave his little black shaving hairs all over the bathroom sink and counter despite his insistence that he DID clean up.


5. He will always kiss you goodbye before he leaves for work and right away when he comes home.

6. He won’t complain when you ask him to help you with something.

7. He will never make you feel guilty if you don’t feel like cooking or cleaning or doing anything for that matter.

8. He will make you belly laugh so much you’ll wonder how you laughed before you met him.


He’s truly one of a kind, and he will be an amazing husband.  PS Your wedding is going to kick ass!  🙂



If you want to participate, just share your personal answers in the comments section or do a post like this on your blog!  But don’t forget to send me the link so I can read it too!



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