called or visited your grandparents?  Oh yea, it’s THAT kind of post.

I know, I know, we all get busy, life gets in the way, we have our own baby families, and time just flies.  I get why its so difficult, I really do. But I also believe that there is enough time in life to fit in what is important.  It’s about priorities.

Grandparents are AWESOME, aren’t they?  We grow up around these fun older human beings who shower us with love and gifts and delicious treats, and then as we age, our needs and wants change, and we have to re-design where and how they fit into our lives.  The Father’s parents both passed away while I was in college so for most of my adult life I’ve only had one set of grandparents.  While I absolutely realize that everyone has different situations and sometimes being around family can be toxic, if your family is kind and loving (note, I didn’t say perfect), then why not see them more often?

Time and money are huge barriers for sure.  My grandparents, and all my aunts and uncles live in North Dakota, which is not the most idealistic location to go to three or four times a year, but that doesn’t matter to us.  It’s where we can be with family so we make those long, cold, snowy drives part of our lives.

What I don’t get is when young parents think so much of their children and focus all their attention on their immediate families but don’t make any effort to get their children to see Grandma and Grandpa?  I mean think about it, don’t you want your kid’s kids to come visit you when you’re older?  I was raised with the mentality that loving and respecting family means spending time with them away from the hustle and bustle of life.

When The Scottish and I first started talking about having children we quickly realized that while Chicago is the love of our life, nothing can replace that feeling of community and comfort that comes from living near family.  Now, in the world’s most bizarre outcome, Baby Boy will live A LOT closer to his grandparents than we ever thought!  More on the house story to come later this week…

Obviously, we can’t live in both America AND Scotland, and since The Scottish was the one who moved here it made sense to stay here.  (Plus, I’d make a terrible UK-er.)  But that doesn’t mean we won’t make an effort to get our children to Scotland and that doesn’t mean we won’t encourage his parents to visit us just as often.  Heck, we’re going to bring The Wee One to Scotland at two months two weeks old because we’re crazy we don’t want to miss The Wee Sis’ wedding and we want Grandma and Grandpa Scottish to meet baby boy when he’s still really little!

Yes, there is something wonderful about new traditions and immediate families but there is nothing like being surrounded by your extended family in a boisterous, full, and glowing room sharing in a meal together.  You can’t beat that feeling.

Honestly, it’s overwhelming for me to think how I’m going to be a MOM so very soon.  I’ve always been a kid or a grandkid, and I’m just getting used to being a wife.  But I get to be a Mother and I’m so ready for it.  Insert Lion King’s Circle of Life song here.  🙂

Are you close with your grandparents or extended family?  Do you prefer to live close by or far away from family?

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4 Responses to “When is the last time you…”

  1. Ann

    I grew up with no grandmothers and two grandfathers. Wish I could have known the grandmothers. One grandfather lived in our home and the other across the road so that was good.

  2. Danielle

    I believe everyone should spend more time with their grandparents. You never know how long they will be alive. Plus they have some pretty awesome stories. I only have my grandma (on my mom’s side) left, but I try to see her pretty often. But I am sure I could make more of an effort.


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