Well, we passed our inspection and that means we’re one step closer to living in our new home!  Yay!

The story of how we found our home is called “A God Thing,” named by The Mother and begrudgingly agreed upon by me.

For the sake of the story its easier to use actual names but I don’t want to use the real ones, so for the suburb where my parents live, I’ll use “Cherryville” and for the street where our house is located, I’ll use, “Washington.”

We have to start with the Saturday BEFORE we found our house.  I was a miserable mess of emotions and hopelessness.  I had just spent the entire day house hunting and we were making zero progress except that The Scottish had found a place he was considering.  I found the home to be boring and forgettable and not worth my time but I was so dejected I kept saying, “Fine, just convince me it’s worthwhile and we can put in an offer.”  Yep, I was a real treat to be around!  Needless to say, The Scottish wasn’t interested in convincing me to love a house.  We were back to square one.

While browsing online sites, we found a home in Cherryville where my parents live and we decided to email our Realtor to see if we could check it out on Sunday.  Well, he was going to be busy with other clients.  Unfortunately, I was leaving town on Monday with The Mother to go to North Dakota so we decided The Scottish would check it out by himself on Monday night.

The next day, on Sunday afternoon, The Mother and I were trying to decide between Wal-Mart and Target (always Target!) for picking up snacks.  Since I was in a crabby mood, she conceded and we went to Target.  AND it was a GOOD THING WE DID.  As we drove there we saw an Open House sign. We decided to check it out on our way back from Target, and as we followed the signs I said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if this was the house we wanted to see in Cherryville?  It’s probably not though, it’s probably really out of our budget or really crappy.”  NOPE.

It was THE house we wanted to see!!  We immediately called The Scottish and The Father and told them to come over ASAP.  Before I even looked at the interior of the house I asked the agent why he hadn’t listed the open house online.  He said he just woke up that morning and spontaneously decided to drive 30 minutes south for an impromptu open house.  The Mother is convinced he was an angel sent to show the house just for us and it sure felt like that (we only saw one other person while we were there).  The coolest part was he had lived there previously and then sold the house to his sister and was selling it again for her.  He knew the house and he cared about who would get it next.

The Mother and I walked through the smallish galley kitchen (with soft close cabinets, yesss) to the spacious dining room followed by this gorgeous four room porch addition or what we’re calling “The Great Room.”  It was beautiful.  There was so much entertaining space (just what we wanted), and I could picture everything, The Wee One running about, my family laughing and hanging out, McKenna watching squirrels from the big windows, and The Scottish and I relaxing on the couch.  It was lovely.

A mere 2.5 minutes after we called, The Scottish and The Father showed up at the house and I was shocked at how fast they had been. The Mother reminded me that we were only 1.3 miles from their house in Cherryville.  Excuse me?  Yep, I moved away for 12 years, lived almost 600 miles away and now I was going to be a mile away from childhood home?  I never would have believed it if you told me back in my early 20’s I’d be living as an adult in the same suburb I had lived in as a kid.  NEVER WOULD HAVE BELIEVED IT.


The even crazier part is that before my parent’s lived on their current street, they lived on Washington street until I was a third grader, and guess where our new home is located?  Washington street.  How bizarre is that?  I lived on Washington from ages 3 to 8 and now my son is going to grow up on the same street for who knows how long?  It gives me chills.

But you guys, this IS our house.  Even The Mother said, it has nothing to do with the location, besides that Cherryville was a suburb we were causally looking at, we weren’t purposely trying to live there.  The last house we had wanted was in the same suburb as The Scottish’s job. But clearly that one wasn’t meant to be as we were outbid.

Our new home has three bedrooms on the main level, a great entertaining space, a fenced-in backyard, an expansive, finished basement, and it was in budget!  What more could we ask for?

After we fell in love, we immediately called our Realtor to see if he could come by and check it out as well.  Soon we were sitting in his office submitting an offer.  We found out Sunday night that the agent’s sister said it would probably be a yes as she was happy to sell the place to a young family with a baby on the way.  🙂  After waiting for days and days to find out about our other offers, this turnaround seemed insanely fast and were taken by surprise.

The next morning in the car I received an email on our drive to North Dakota that our offer was accepted as written, not even a counter-offer!  I called The Scottish and we marveled at the thought that we would finally own a home (assuming everything went well).  It was a great moment.

And a total God Thing.


Do you have a fun story on how you found your house? Also, it was my first time using GIFs, how’d I do?? 🙂

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9 Responses to “I Never Would Have Believed It: Our House Story”

  1. CoCo

    More GIFS! I must agree. When it’s meant to be, it meant to be! Both finding our house and meeting my husband worked out that way. It makes you wonder why we keep fighting through hell and high water for things that are obvi not meant to be!

  2. Jenn

    Yay!!! Sounds like you really found your dream house!

    Our saga is ongoing but the end is definitely in sight. Either way, we should be out of the are we/aren’t we buying a house limbo within the next couple of weeks at most. Good luck with the closing!

  3. Danielle

    I am so happy for you two. I can’t wait for a house tour to see and picture it. Congrats!

  4. Michelle

    I’m a little behind on my blog reading- but working on catching up! I LOVE how everything came together with your house. When everything comes together and there are so many little things that tell you that something is meant to be, my family calls it a “God wink”. As in God is winking at us and reminding us that he is always here and watching. Love it 🙂



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