Oh what’s that?  You totally forgot about this feature because it’s been so long since the last interview??  Oops.  Sorry about that!  Blogging about house and baby has been time-consuming but also a lot of fun!  That said, I love exploring relationships, so I’m really pumped to be bringing this feature back to life!!

Next week we’re going to hear from Kari about her marriage to a man and her almost marriage to a woman.  I’m excited to share her unique and honest perspective on relationships without the use of gender-specific labels.

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Why do we, as a society, feel the need to place everyone into neat little boxes that make sense to us?  Life and especially love don’t ever make sense.  Anyway, she’s awesome so you’ll want to watch for that!

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Or you can follow DH on Twitter!  Speaking of tweeting, I read this awesome post on one of the blogs I follow, Becoming Cliche and it’s all about the biggest Twitter sins.  I’m clearly making rookie mistake number one and it’s evident I need to update my Twitter (and FB page) more often. Maybe that’s why I have less than 50 followers.  #embarrassing

Anyone have Twitter tips for me?  I just hate the 140 character limitation, this girl likes to talk!  I’m curious, what do you tweet about??

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