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I think I’m having waaay too much fun concocting weird phrases to name my bump blog posts.  Mu-ha-ha!!  Regardless, it’s time for a pregnancy update, whoo-hoo!

Newest weird symptom alert: Sore feet. Like SUPER sore feet.  Like, “I just started walking, why are my feet already hurting?” type of pain. At first I thought it was my shoes so I stuck to my good tennis shoes consistently for days but even wearing them exclusively hasn’t helped matters.

Just this past weekend I was standing at church during the OPENING hymns, and I was already wondering when I could sit down again.  Not good.  I need to walk because that is my main form of exercise right now.  For example, I walk McKenna every morning, and I walk the mall with a girlfriend of mine for about 4 hours once a week, and sometimes I walk on the weekends with The BFF or The Scottish when the weather is nice.  With the weather getting warmer and our big move in May there will be no room for these sissy sore feet in my life!


22w edited


23 weeks edited

Not sure if it’s noticeable in the above photos but in between weeks 22 and 23 I really popped!  It became clear to myself and everyone around me that I was VERY pregnant all of a sudden. And then I just felt and looked HUGE and UGLY which I will agree is mostly in my head.  I absolutely adore being pregnant but it’s still tough to watch yourself swell up like a balloon.

Then I had to weigh myself at my 24 week appointment which was really at 23w6d and that was very unpleasant.  I’d been happy with my gradual weight gain up until this point, but now I’m concerned I’m on my way to an unhealthy place and nervous about my gestational diabetes test which happens at my 28 week appointment next month.  Hence, why I can’t stop walking!

In other big preggo news, I met with a new back surgeon here in Minnesota and he gave me the OK to have an epidural if I want one during labor.  He said there is a risk of herniating another disc but there’s no way to prevent it and he sort of brushed off most of my concerns (which was slightly annoying because I was there on my OB’s orders).

The best things I can do for my body right now are walk more (yes I know!) and drink more milk.  Unlike my last surgeon who believed my bad back* was all genetics, this Dr believes it’s all completely random.  He explained that just because I’ve had back issues in the past does not mean I’ll have them in the future. Good to know!  He also said I should just prepare myself for my entire left leg to go numb during pushing because of my former nerve damage to that leg. Scary.

OK, that’s all the pregnancy dirt I have for now!  I do want to write a post on my feelings about natural birth at some point because that’s never been done before in the history of blogging… NOT. I just have so many thoughts in my head about labor and delivery that it would be helpful to write them down.

*I’ve shared my back story on my old blog but I’m thinking I will share it again here so those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about can get up to speed!

Did I mention my wedding rings are starting to get tight??  Ullhhhhh….

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10 Responses to “Bumper-iffic”

  1. blair

    Look at you in colorful shirts this time! (I own a lot of gray too). I know you like to blog, and I don’t know if you follow other blogs, but I for some reason have followed http://findingjoy.net/ for some time now. Originally she wrote mainly about her family which I enjoyed, now she mainly focuses on her support for moms. She’s very encouraging, and while you might not need it now, some of her “Dear Mom” letters seem to be spot on for new moms. Check her out, or save her for when you need some encouragement during the days of no sleep and dirty diapers.

  2. CoCo

    I have a VERY weak back as well and would love to know how it’s affecting your pregnancy since it’s something I actively worry about when I become PG. I was in an ATV accident and slipped a disk in my lumbar region while on vacation in Mexico in 2006. Then in 2010, while jumping into a “taxi” in Thailand, I fractured my T-9 vertebrae. Unfortunately, I am lactose intolerant so I can’t drink milk but it makes me think this is genetic since one person can’t possibly hurt their back so often, right?

    • Stephanie

      I tend to agree, it’s got to be genetics, right? So far, I only get nerve pain or back aches when I sleep funny or walk too much but as I get into the third trimester I can imagine that it will get worse! I’ll keep you all posted!

  3. Margy

    You look adorable! And I love the preggo posts. Here’s to your back handling the bump well! (and Yay!, I can post! Thanks for fixing!)

  4. Jhanis

    Oh I can remember my huge feet when I was pregnant! Not just my feet but my legs and nose and face, I looked like a puffer fish! and my back hurt so much towards my last 3 months. But it’s gonna be so worth it. It’s going to be beautiful when the baby comes! Okay, I have to be honest, there will be crappy days too, but cradling the baby in your arms will slowly ease the memory of enlarged limbs. 😀

    • Stephanie

      Oh, seriously, my feet and ankles already seem swollen, and my face is definitely puffy! So far the back pain isn’t constant, but I’m sure it will get worse as I get farther along. Thanks! I’m so excited too, and I know this will all be worth it in the end!

  5. Kelly G

    I’m sorry for your feet and back pain! But it sounds like you are doing everything you can to prevent gestational diabetes. try to eat more lean proteins, healthy fats and whole grains to help you feel fuller. I’m sure your doc has already told you this though! Hang in there 🙂



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