Now that I’ve raved about how awesome our house is, it’s time to get real.  It shouldn’t be surprising that there are parts of our new home that I don’t particularly like and parts that we will want to change in the future.  100% perfect houses don’t exist just like 100% perfect people don’t exist!  It’s all about finding something you absolutely love and can fashion into your dream house over time.

The Scottish and my parents might disagree with me, but I think the worst part of our new house is the main bathroom.




It’s ALL black!  Seriously??  I call it my 80’s pimp house bathroom as I imagine this is what a pimp house bathroom in the 80’s would look like, although I have no real basis to back up such a statement.  The agent did confirm it was redone in the 80’s, and my question is how have all the owners since then not felt motivated enough to renovate it even a little bit?

In case you’re still not understanding how awful this bathroom is, (and the black toilet and funky tile aren’t selling my point) do you see what is MISSING from this room?


That’s right, there’s only a whirlpool tub, but no shower head!  In fact, there is no place for a shower right now and to put one in would take some plumbing work.  Luckily, there is a really nice but small bathroom downstairs complete with shower and an updated look which both The Scottish and I will most likely use on a daily basis.

I LOVE my showers.  Showers are how I wake up in the morning, showers are where I do my best thinking while being pelted with scalding hot water.  I don’t take baths, in fact, I don’t like them at all.  I hear I’ll really appreciate a good bath after I experience the joys of birthing a child but as of now I have no desire to stew in my own filth with the water temperature constantly dropping while trying to keep my phone or Kindle from getting wet.  And candles balancing precariously?  No thanks.

Additionally we used to have a tub with jets in our apartment in Chicago.  While that might be a selling feature for some people, I know better now!  Those jets breed dirt and are impossible to clean.  The residue after the two baths I drew was disgusting.  Not to mention the one time I tried to relax and take a nice long bath I forgot to let the water pass the jets before turning them on and sprayed myself backward into the sink like something out of a movie.  I’m so graceful.

Back to the bathroom at hand, did you notice the paint color?


Granted, this is an easy fix, and hey, different strokes for different folks, but ORANGE paint in a BLACK bathroom?  Ummm, we will definitely be changing it during our painting-palooza weekend immediately following closing that’s for sure.  I can barely stomach orange and black together in decor at Halloween, and even then I prefer to skip right to harvest colors while decorating.  The only time I want to see orange with black is in the title of hit TV show, Orange is the New Black.  Who else can’t wait for season two?!?  🙂

Moving on.  This bathroom renovation is not on our short list to get done before baby boy arrives or even on our long list to get done within a year.  It is however part of our 2-4 year plan to completely re-do it into a gorgeous oasis and perhaps knock out a wall to make it accessible to the closest bedroom?  For now, I will haul my large pregnant butt downstairs to the shower in the other bathroom and do my best not to complain. (Yea right.)

What do you think of our main bathroom?  Do you feel like I do or do you kinda dig it?  I know I sound dramatic but what is the title of this blog again??  🙂

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8 Responses to “The Black Spot in Our New House”

  1. Jenn

    I don’t mind the black fixtures so much, but it’s certainly not for everyone.

    We have clawfoot tubs in the house we’re buying and only one (again, the downstairs) has been updated with a shower head (it and the shower curtain rod are both mounted to the ceiling–classy!) but there are handheld options that will work in a pinch. I feel your pain, though.

  2. Margy

    Ummm…. wow. That’s pretty amazing. Maybe the black will look better once the room is painted?

  3. Kelly G

    It could be worse but I like black! I actually really like the tile! The wall color needs to change tho, with you on that. Maybe a light blue to feel more like an oasis. BUT you’re right, my biggest issue is the void of a shower! Good luck with that one!

    • Stephanie

      The tile feels retro to me but yea it could definitely be worse! Seriously, doesn’t everyone use/want a shower?!? Guess not! haha



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