Today’s post is part of the monthly Remember the Time blog hop!  The theme for this week is birthday memories.  The blog hop badge recently got a makeover too, check it out at the bottom of this post.  Isn’t it cute?

I love birthdays, or rather, I love the idea of birthdays.  In actuality they can be stressful due to many factors, and our expectations can be difficult to control, and then sometimes they can be disappointing which is why thinking and dreaming about your birthday is sometimes way more fun that actually experiencing it.

I’ve been lucky.  I’ve had some fantastic birthday parties over the years.  I’ve had sleepovers, murder mystery dinners, and an even a surprise party for my 16th birthday coordinated by one of my best friends from high school.  She and my other friends with the help of my parents completely shocked me and I wish I had pictures to share but they are in storage and need to be uploaded to my computer.

Most recently, I celebrated my 30th birthday in Kansas and it was pretty epic as you may or may not recall. The BFF came into town as planned but The Sister, The BIL, and my other friend H showed up as well which made for an amazing weekend.  The BFF also organized 30 letters from 30 different family members and friends complete with sweet notes and Starbucks gift cards.  (PS Those gift cards lasted me six months!  Only because I was pregnant though, if not, they would have lasted me about two.)

The BFF and I have always treated birthdays as special events.  We don’t usually exchange gifts at Christmas but for our birthdays we go all out.  One time we met in Madison, WI at a hotel for her birthday and had a blast just exploring the city and hanging out.  Coming up is her 30th birthday party which I’m hosting with two of her other friends at a taproom here in the Twin Cities.

The back in the day birthday I’m going to share with you guys today occurred during my sophomore year of college.  I even have a few photos from that event, but please excuse their awkwardly small size.

I was in a campus ministry during college and we were a close-knit group of friends.  It was pretty awesome to be able to go out drinking on Saturday night with the same group of people you went to church with the next morning, hungover and otherwise.  Anyway, this campus ministry friend of mine was turning 21 two days before my 22nd birthday so we decided to have a joint party and invite everyone we knew (of course).

I remember we bought matching slutty dresses and had a great time mingling flirting with everyone at one of our favorite campus bars.  We called it Everybody’s a 21st Birthday Party (inside joke) and it was one hell of a night.

The reason this relates to The BFF is because she and one of my other besties, C Fri completely shocked me by arranging to get The BFF in all the way from Minnesota to the University of Illinois (9 hours+).  Spoiler alert: The got me.  I was floored.  This is my face when I’m completely shocked and happily overwhelmed:

22nd bday 3

I can’t explain how weird it was to see her in Champaign- Urbana when I was so used to seeing her in the great white north. But her surprise appearance was the icing on the cake for an amazing 22nd birthday and a night I’ll never forget.  🙂  Thanks again ladies for the awesome memory!

22nd bday

Do you have a special birthday memory you want to share?  Join the blog hop or tell me in the comments!


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  1. The BFF

    Ahhh! C Fri and I had a BLAST scheming for this! So cool that we were able to surprise you!


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