I was thinking the other day how much I really enjoy spending time with my husband.  I realize you’re all probably thinking, DUH STEPHANIE, of course you like spending time with him, you married him, tell us something we don’t know!

Right so it makes sense, but it’s kind of baffling to me sometimes.  It could be a visit to State Farm to discuss home insurance, going to the grocery store, taking McKenna for a walk, or watching TV but I don’t get sick of him!  Sure we’re young and have only been together 4+ years.  Sure, we get in bad moods and yell and sometimes fight but even when I’m mad at him I want to be near him.  #needyfreak

Obviously, we don’t spend 100% of our time together.  Just like I need quality time with my husband, I need quality time with my family and my girlfriends.  Plus, we both need our alone time too.  Doesn’t everyone?

I originally started thinking about all this because it hit me how life is going to change once we have The Wee One.  I hear over and over from new parents how everything is completely turned around once you have a child and I’m left pondering how exactly it’s different.  I know there is a lack of sleep, a new person who depends on you for everything, and new things to worry about, but how does it affect your relationships and your day to day routine?  Can you still maintain a certain sense of normalcy in your marriage?  Can you make time for the things you used to do?  I suppose those answers are different for everyone.

The big question is who will have the harder transition, us or McKenna?  Haha!  Aren’t dogs the cutest, neediest creatures ever?  I swear our little Daddy’s girl is going to have a rough time for a while after we bring The Wee One home.  I mean, for real, she follows The Scottish to the bathroom and waits outside for him to finish!

The Mother laughs so hard when she watches what happens as The Scottish returns home from work.  He walks through the door and McKenna greets him as if it’s been years since she’s last seen her Daddy.  Her tail wags furiously and her whole body shakes with excitement.  He directs her to sit but she keeps trying to jump on him as her way of saying HI HI HI!  The Scottish sits down on the couch to relax after taking off his backpack and she leaps onto his lap.  Meanwhile, I’ve received my hello kiss but decide I want more attention so I do what any other adult woman in my situation would do, I climb onto his lap as well, squeezing in next to McKenna. Ain’t no shame in my game.

My rotund body and my long dog both struggling to fit on The Scottish’s slender legs is downright hysterical.  Obviously I was being intentionally silly but I kind of did want to sit on his lap too!  Unfortunately the moment wasn’t documented but you can use the photo below to picture it, just imagine a skinny man underneath us both.  (In case you can’t tell, Kenna is dying to run off to her crate but we managed to snap a few pics of her before that happened.)


After The Wee One is born I know The Scottish will want to spend a ton of time with his son, because I’m certain he’ll be the kind of Dad who works all day and comes home to help care for and play with his child.  Then they’ll be THREE of us biding for The Scottish’s time!  Poor guy.  🙂  He secretly loves it but I know it will be exhausting for him.  As a stay at home mom I’ll be eager to chat with my adult counter-part and take a break from kid and dog time whereas he’ll be ready for kid and dog time, well that and his Xbox One.

How do you find a good balance of relationships (besides scheduling date nights and family outings, etc.)?  I know part of us finding a nice grove (and curbing the neediness) in the evening is dependent on how I spend my days.  I hope to get involved in mommy and me classes and play dates with baby boy because I do better with a schedule and I know from experience as a nanny that it’s nice to have adult moments scattered throughout your week.  I also hope to start auditioning for theatre as he gets older and I start pumping more frequently. Plus, Drama Happens isn’t going anywhere!

I’ll be sure to fill you guys in as I struggle and then hopefully triumph in my new life as a mommy!  Until then, I’m just going to keep growing and daydreaming about meeting my little boy while spending lots of time with The Scottish and adorable McKenna!  🙂

She may be afraid of the camera and a needy Nellie, but she sure is cute!


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