It’s been forever since I’ve shared a DramaLite on the blog so I wanted to remedy that.  Unfortunately this story airs on side of being drama HEAVY and still causes me to shudder and tremble with fear and anxiety.  Have I got your attention?  Good.  Settle in, its story time folks.

When I was interviewing to become a nanny I was offered two positions, the one I ended up taking and before that another one for a young couple with a three-month old girl who lived in a condo in Lincoln Park.  I took the job with my nanny family, but the other couple and I agreed that I could help them out with babysitting from time to time.  Six months or so passed and it just never seemed to fit my schedule.  Plus, at that time I was working close to 50 hours a week and most nannies don’t usually want to babysit on their off times.

Finally one day it worked out that I would babysit this little girl who was probably closer to a year old at this point.  I went to their home and got instructions for feeding the child as well as instructions for their stroller and the condo code so I could get in and out of their building.  The parents left and the evening started out fine. She ate, we played, and then I decided it would be nice enough to go for a stroller ride.  But of course since they were on the second floor I had to first take the stroller outside and then the baby.  They told me they normally leave her in her bouncy seat or chair while they carry the stroller outside and down to the sidewalk.  So that’s what I did.

But since I was new to this and my main focus was being quick so I didn’t leave the little girl unattended for a long time, I ended up forgetting the piece of paper with the code to the building inside their unit.  My heart literally sank all the way to my toes when I tried the door and it was locked.  The realization hit me that I was locked out with the baby still inside the house.  I had keys to their front door but no way to get into their building.  I panicked and immediately started freaking out in my head while attempting to stay calm on the outside.  I pushed every other person’s button in that condo building and NO ONE answered my buzz (jerks or they weren’t home). I could hear the little girl crying from outside which made everything worse and made me want to cry as well.

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In retrospect I should have just called the parents to get the code to their condo building, but the idea didn’t occur to me at the time,probably because the last thing I wanted to do was tell them what an idiot I was and how their child was alone in their house.

So the next rational step was to call the fire department (umm yea probably an over-reaction).  I explained how I was locked out and that there was a baby inside and what should I do and can this door be opened somehow, etc, etc. The fire department guy was LAME, if not rude and completely unhelpful, his bright idea was to tell me he’d have come by and break the security door down.

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Amazingly, while on the phone, I remembered I had brought the keys with me and perhaps one of them would open the back door to the unit?  I raced around to the deck, found the door, tried it, and miraculously it opened!  The angels sang and I cried tears of joy after telling the fireman I was back in the unit.  I raced to the little girl and picked her up to soothe her.  The nightmare was over and no, we did NOT go on a walk after that.

I never did tell her parents because I was absolutely mortified and also terrified they’d be upset with me.  In reality, the scenario took about three minutes but it felt like FOREVER.  I also never babysat for that family again.  I counted my blessings and got back to the job I was good at, being a nanny.

Do you have a nightmare babysitting story?  Do share!

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2 Responses to “DramaLite: “Babysitter of the Year””

  1. Margy

    Wow — how scary! I babysat in high school only. None of my babysitting stories are nightmarish, but I do remember a few times where I thought “Oh, please, don’t let the parents find out!”. And usually that resulted in one of the kids telling their parents. Nothing too dramatic or terrible, but to my teenage self, it was awful.

    • Stephanie

      I know, things happen! Silly tattling kids. Although pretty sure I was the type of kid to tattle on sitters, haha. And I started babysitting at age 10, looking back that seems SO young to me now.


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