Who’s ready for a pregnancy update?  Yes?  ME TOO.  🙂

Next week I have a big appointment.  I get another ultrasound to see if my placenta has moved and how my fibroid is doing. I also get my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes.  Not looking forward to that and trying to eat better in preparation, but we’ll see what happens!

At my last appointment I told my OB that baby has been moving and kicking but it’s still really inconsistent and that many times I feel like he’s jumping on my bladder, sending pulses down it. She asked me, “Do you feel like you’re being kicked in the vagina?” Me, “Yep.” Her, “He’s probably breech!” Oh goodie, he went from transverse to breech, haha, keep moving little boy!! I know there’s plenty of time, but I’m really hoping for vaginal birth so flip the other way please!

In weird symptom news, I’m now at the point where I understand why pregnant women are always so uncomfortable.  It’s getting harder to move and finish simple tasks, such as getting up from deep chairs, or from the floor, shaving my legs, or putting on my socks and shoes. This post marks a turning point for me in mobility. I still walk A LOT, which I feel great about, but it’s starting to take its toll on me physically. I’m beginning to feel more aches and pains, my feet hurt, and sitting for long periods of time is the worst.  It’s like I have restless leg syndrome and I can never get truly comfortable.  Sleeping has also gotten worse but since I haven’t slept well in 5 years or so, I don’t notice it as much.

24 weeks edited

You guys, I had this crazy dream about giving birth at 35 weeks to an ugly alien baby.  In the dream, I was a pro at breastfeeding but I also left on an out-of-town trip sans alien baby the day after we all got home from the hospital.  So bizarre!

25 weeks edited

And I mean literally his first and only kick.  This little guy of ours must be hiding behind the placenta because almost all of his movements are not discernible through my belly.  Although The Scottish did feel something one night, so hey, that counts!  I’m now 26 weeks and hoping he (and the rest of my family) are able to feel more movements very soon.

Lucky for me I get to feel The Wee One moving around quite a bit now and it’s really lovely.  I usually feel movement after lunch and dinner and sometimes late at night or early in the morning.  Some of the time it’s two heavy kicks or pulses in a row, sometimes it’s a bunch of small movements, and sometimes he flutters around for a while doing who knows what.  At some point everyday I feel something wedged up under my right rib cage. My guess is that it’s his head but honestly I have no clue, it’s just very uncomfortable whatever it is!

That’s it for now, the next update will include my GD test and ultrasound results, eeeek!

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  1. Kelly G

    He’s doing somersaults in there! LOL. good luck with your GD test next week. You look so cute!


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