Easter this year was amazing!  And weird but mostly amazing.  We definitely missed being with our extended family in North Dakota but when no one’s spring break lined up with Easter this year, we knew we’d be spending it in Minnesota.  With each of us kids having significant others, our immediate family’s grand total comes to 8 people plus two dogs.  Oh and a baby bump of course.  🙂

The Mother decided a sleepover was in order and everyone stayed at their house the day before Easter because it was also The Father’s birthday.  Saturday started off with egg dying, each of us had one dozen eggs to dye because the church needed 4 dozen and we were doing 4 dozen for us.




Good thing we did so many, because somehow The Mother mixed up which cartons were boiled eggs and which ones were supposed to be saved for pancakes and french toast the next day and that’s how two dozen raw eggs were dyed.  Guess who dyed one of the raw carton of eggs?


Yes, yours truly.  My perfectionist ways were later ridiculed because IF I had dropped an egg we would have discovered they were still raw.  But no, we ended up bringing lots of raw eggs to the church and people got to play a new game called “shake your egg to see if there is still a runny yolk inside.”  It wasn’t a big deal in the end, but definitely a funny story.

After egg dying it was time for our first annual family hunt!  Everyone was split into teams of two using the husband-wife pairs because everyone’s married, except for The Glue and his girlfriend whom I will fondly refer to as The Tape (I’m pretty sure she is just as key to her family unit as The Brother is to ours).

Two teams hid eggs outside (in the rain unfortunately) while the other two teams stayed inside.  Then we switched.  Each team was timed on how fast they could find all 12 of their plastic eggs, and then the two winning teams got to play each other to declare a winner!  I love hate to brag but The Scottish and I won!  We beat the other top team of Glue and Tape to be the ultimate champs!  While my pregnant belly was a definite hindrance when it came to searching and bending through trees and shrubs, it didn’t slow me down too much I guess!


A tradition that started with our extended family is the hiding of the Easter baskets.  The Parents decided to keep this tradition alive and we all got baskets full of candy to gorge ourselves on after the egg hunt.  This was my first basket in forever since I haven’t been home for Easter in years and I loved it.

Saturday evening consisted of us forcing our significant others to watch exciting home videos, and a viewing of Austin Powers International Man of Mystery while indulging in The Mother’s famous malts.  YUM.  Classic our family.

The next day was Easter service at my parent’s church followed by a delicious brunch of ham, french toast, and swedish pancakes.  While at church we had to snap a few nice portraits for nostalgia’s sake.  Next year at Easter we’ll have a little guy to add to this photo!  Crazy!


The original five.


The Scottish’s family and church growing up used to paint their eggs instead of dying them and then the children would roll the eggs down hills to symbolize the stone rolling away from the tomb.  But The Scottish told me he and his friends used to find the rolling of the eggs too boring so they’d chuck them down instead, haha.

How was your Easter this year?  Anyone hide or dye eggs?  What are your family traditions?

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4 Responses to “The Year We Dyed Raw Eggs”

  1. Jenn

    From childhood I remember the Easter bunny always laying the eggs on a silver platter at Grandma’s (which I now have) and each person had an egg with their name on it.

    This year we did absolutely nothing for Easter, though–family was scattered. But it was okay, because the day before we were at our new house finding out just how much work we needed to do, lol, but loving every tiring minute of it (didn’t help that we walked a 5K that morning, either).

    • Stephanie

      Ooo a silver platter, how fancy! I like it. Yea, with house stuff, sometimes holidays have to be overlooked! I feel bad I’m bogarting mother’s day from my mom and both of my siblings birthdays for a painting weekend- oops!

  2. JennyinAZ

    Sounds like fun 🙂

    We hosted my family for Easter dinner this year at our house. My parents were going to host, but we have two brand new puppies (well, they’re 14 weeks now) and the parents just got new carpet, so we hosted so that everyone could meet the pups and no one else’s house would get ruined 🙂

    • Stephanie

      Awww puppies! How adorable!! Yea good call on hosting, potty training is no joke. We were lucky with McKenna, she was almost one year old and must have had previous house training experience.


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