Welcome to another installment of Watch That Bump Grow (said in a game show host voice followed by lots of cheering and clapping)!  This week is brought to you by uncomfortable bras and grunting noises when I stand up.

26 weeks edited

 So I really hate the above photo (taken on Easter), but I couldn’t not share it.  The whole breathing thing really freaked me out at first because it felt like a spastic, fast pulsing up near my rib cage.  And it might not even be him pretending to breathe (obviously he can’t really breath in the womb) but when I Googled it, that was the main response I found.  Some moms called it a seizure (which sounds scary) and some called it Riverdance (which makes me laugh) but whatever it is, it doesn’t happen frequently and my OB said all types of movement are normal.

27 weeks edited

This has been the best development!  The Wee One’s kicks are finally strong enough for an outside hand to feel through the belly. At first The Scottish thought I was just jerking around my torso until I explained to him that it was the baby moving, not me.  OHHHHH.  After that, The Mother felt baby moving as well!  I can’t wait for everyone else to feel him.

In appointment news, I had my glucose (GD) test last week and am still waiting on the results.  In the meantime I’m focusing on the fact that my placenta has moved out-of-the-way and baby boy is now head down so I’m all ready for a vaginal birth assuming things stay the way they are!  I’ll take it!

My appointments are every two weeks from now on and this giving birth thing is getting closer and closer!  EEEK!

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