We closed on our house yesterday, AHHHHH!  It’s our house!  We have a house!  Baby boy has a bedroom and a crib that’s still in its box, but who cares?  We have a home of our own!  It’s so exciting!!!  AHHHHH!!

OK, I’m done screaming my happiness at you guys.  Thanks for listening.  If you’ve ever bought a home you know the journey is often filled with many bumps, but luckily our road to home ownership was relatively smooth all things considered.

What’s that?  You want to see more pictures of the house?  I plan on doing a whole post of BEFORE photos soon but I suppose I could oblige with this one preview.

This is our downstairs built-in office area.  Isn’t it huge?!?!  I guess everything seems big to us after living in 720 square feet while we were in Kansas.  I’m just so ready to have more space, probably because I’ve lived in apartments since I was 18 and my Chicago condo is a mere 600 square feet.


We are excited to have a designated location for storing and filing papers as well as a nice spot for The Scottish to work on his tech hobbies and a quiet place for me to blog.  We already have a fancy desk chair that I snagged from a garage sale so we’re ready to put this space to good use! One day I see this area being the homework table too!  🙂

Since I will be moving and painting and unloading boxes and waiting on deliveries for the next five days or so, all without internet I might add, I’m going to take a week off from Drama Happens to focus on all the home stuff that’s happening right now.  Hopefully by the time I’m back we will have officially transitioned from my parent’s house to our house.

In the meantime, because I don’t like to leave you guys lonely for a week, so I have two guest posts scheduled in my absence.  These ladies are awesome and have some really interesting and personal motherhood/baby stories to share in honor of it being the week after Mother’s Day.  Thank you in advance for being such hospitable readers in my absence!

I’m certain I’ll be back with one long lament about how moving while pregnant is the WORST thing ever.  Seriously, the swelling is OUT OF CONTROL over here.  Until then, take care everybody!  OH and Happy Early Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there!


image via Someecards

I’ll miss you guys!  Keep the drama alive while I’m gone!!  🙂

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  1. Jenn

    Yay for the new house! Have fun getting everything moved in and unpacked 🙂


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