The title of this post should be sung to the tune of “Jump Around” by House of Pain (obvs).  We’re officially in the third trimester people, and it’s getting really REAL over here in PreggoLand.  The glow and agility (did I ever have that?) of the second trimester is gone, and the fatigue and back pain have settled in to stay.

28 weeks edited

Since I’ve already recapped my lovely shower, I’ll just say that the amount of relief that washed over me after my OB’s nurse told me I had passed my gestational diabetes test was nothing short of euphoric.  I was plain giddy at the fact that I didn’t have to go back and see that weirdo lab nurse who drew my blood (and gave me a fake chill pill from her pocket!), relieved that I didn’t have to go in for the icky three-hour test, and beyond grateful that there would be no finger pricking in my future.  I would have sucked it up for baby but I would have been miserable.  Blood and I don’t mix.  (Much like vomit and I.)

The only downside is now I have a false sense of security about how much sugar my body can handle.  Yea that’s right, I’m a boss at digesting my sugars, so bring on the candy, bread, and ice cream!  Clearly I’m a ten-year-old.

29 weeks edited

Ohhhh, the emotions.  Oh, the joy and pain of feeling every moment of your day instead of letting some of them slide on by.  Pretty sure my constant thirst has to do with the amount of tears I’m producing, because some days it never ends.  I have no self-control when it comes to crying these days which makes being in public extra exhausting.

And why is it that big life events always happen at the same time?  The teacher we had the other night at our birthing class said she had something else major going on during each of her three pregnancies.  Craziness.  I guess this is sort of the norm?

No new symptoms per se, but the swelling appears to be getting worse in my feet and ankles as well as my hands, and I’m no longer wearing my wedding band, but still rocking my e-ring thankfully. Apparently, standing next to the sink is something I took for granted before pregnancy because man, do I miss it!  Now I have to lean forward from a belly’s length away and doing the dishes gives me a nice back ache.

Littlest C took the following pic when I was in Chicago and I think it’s lovely.  She’s such a good photographer!


There ya have it!  I’m still chugging along over here!  No, literally, I move like a really old train that can’t seem to gain momentum, ugh.  Until next time friends!

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  1. Margy

    Thanks… I now have Jump Around stuck in my head. 😉

    Hang in there, mama… you’re nearing the finish line!


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