Hi everybody, thanks for caring about my toe (still nail-less but less sensitive) and our car (new window has been installed, yay!), you guys are the best!  It’s time for a bump update.

I know I’ve mentioned this off and on but we started our natural birthing course at 30 weeks.  It’s a six-week course over seven weeks (no class on Memorial Weekend) and so far I’m really enjoying it.  It’s a lot of anatomy and facts, some pain coping exercises and massages, and quite a few videos all sprinkled in with some amazing tips.  Like thinking every contraction is purposeful.  Was there a purpose to having my toenail annihilated?  NO!  But there is a purpose to the pain and discomfort of contractions.  When the process feels never-ending I want The Scottish to remind me of the prize at the end, we get to meet our son!!  🙂

Another good tip I want to remember is about doing things that keep your foot on the gas as opposed to the breaks.  The more oxytocin you create the better you are equipped to handle the climb of labor and contractions.  It’s important to avoid building tension in other areas of the body and to continue thinking positively despite all the pain.

We also took a breastfeeding class during week 30 and OMG I learned so much.  I had no idea there was a real technique to getting a child to latch on, plus did you know they don’t suck the milk out, it’s expressed/pushed out from your breast due to oxytocin??  Fascinating. Before I go too far and say that it’s important to make sure the nipple reaches their suck reflex, oops, I’ll move on to the photo portion of this post and let you take your own classes.  😉

30 weeks edited

It has been amazing to feel such big movements; I feel like I waited a long time for them!  And even though The Wee One likes to be stubborn when other family members try to feel a kick or a punch during the day, he still puts on a big show for Daddy each night.  The Scottish’s new thing is to get him to high-five him through my belly.  #adorable

Since the swelling and sore feet were so bad at my 30 week appointment, my OB suggested I try compression socks. I picked a pair (tight little buggers, aren’t they?) and wore them for a few days but now that it’s warm outside I haven’t wanted to put them on again.  I think they helped me a little bit but who knows?  I took a photo just for all of you.  Let’s all view this in silence as we mourn my beautiful toenail.


31 weeks edited

The nursery is really coming along!  And now that I’ve had my second shower (recap to come), I can finally put the finishing touches on everything.  Our main focus is organizing, assembling, and washing baby clothes as well as trying to figure out how to install a light switch that will turn on a lamp, seriously, this house is SO WEIRD!

Do you guys remember the photo shoot we did ourselves at 15 weeks? The one where I was sitting on the couch?  Click HERE to re-read it if you’d like.  We tried to recreate the same shoot we did at 15 weeks but at 30 weeks.  It turned out… OK.  First off, we’ve moved so the couch and setting is completely different and secondly, The Scottish was much more zoomed in the first time.  But the comparison is kind of fun.

And here’s the biggest take away for me, don’t complain about how big you look early on in your pregnancy!  It’s only going to get worse, haha.

Looking down 1530

Prop 1530

Being silly 1530

There will be one more installment in this series of striped-shirt-photos-on-a-couch and I’m pretty sure that one will be my favorite!

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