Yay, it’s Friday!  And I need to talk business (LAME).  First off, McKenna pics because my little girl is so adorable.

Yep, we still hate the camera.


But we LOVE relaxing in the new backyard.  We also love playing catch with a ball, chasing bunnies, harassing squirrels, and eating grass.


Keep your eye on the ball at all times, don’t let Daddy get it!



Such a sweet face!!

When it comes to the inside of the house, McKenna’s been having a bit of trouble sleeping through the night, just preparing us for baby boy, right?  She does NOT like the corner of our bedroom we have designated for her, but there is literally NO other place for her to sleep. Between our furniture, the closet, the fact that I get up to go the bathroom frequently during the night, and the fact that we’ll soon have a rock and play in our room after The Wee One is born, that corner is her only option.

We keep moving her crate around from our room (where it doesn’t really fit) to the dining room to the guest bedroom where it currently resides in hopes that eventually she’ll choose to stay with us on the orthopedic foam bed I bought her instead of her crate. But our room must be scary or something because not only does she avoid it but some times she takes to sleeping in the hallway or by the door, in a pouting fashion.  Or maybe she’s decided to be watchdog for the new house?

At first I was really sad that we had to force her to stay in our room, but now I’m like, SLEEP DOG, SLEEP.  She’ll have a whole new transition once the baby comes so for now, we’re letting her do as she pleases since she doesn’t get into trouble during her restlessness. Here’s hoping dogs go through phases just like children, haha


Back to the Logistics: So you know how I’ve asked you all to “like” Drama Happens on Facebook?  (If you haven’t done so, do it now, it’s so easy!)  Well, friend and reader Candie reminded me that you also have to click “get notifications” if you want to see my posts come up in your FB news feed.  Stupid FB likes to make things difficult when it comes to pages versus profiles and the other day I thought no one had seen my post.  Turns out some of you had seen it, but it was on the low side, so please go to the DH FB page and click where you’ve already hit “like” and it will have a drop down menu where you can click “get notifications.” Fantastic. Thanks in advance!!

Next on the list, BABY WATCH SUMMER 2014 is almost upon us!

My due date is July 25th and I’ve suggested asked demanded that those in my family and closest to me to refrain from all trips and excursions and put themselves on lock down for the ENTIRE month of July.  OH, you think that’s a bit extreme, do you!?!?!  Well, don’t worry, as it turns out people can’t put everything on hold just because you’re having a baby.  Similarly to when you get married, it seems no one cares about your estimated date of delivery (EDD) as much as you do. Funny that!

Now I won’t be asking all of YOU to put your summers on hold for me (that would be even crazier) but I’ve blogged through summers before and trust me, people get busy. They leave town, they go to cabins without wifi, they sit on the beach while ignoring their computers, and they forget to read their blogs.  Shocking I know!  Don’t let that be you.  Install Feedly (or another type of reader) on your phone and take your blogs with you wherever you go this summer.

Speaking of blogging breaks, let’s discuss my maternity leave.  Yes I see the irony in me taking a break from DH when I just told all of you to keep it next to you at all times.  #embarrassing

The terms of my maternity leave are as follows, I will be taking an unpaid leave of absence for 2-4 weeks after baby is born.  The exact duration of time will be decided after baby has arrived.  The poor Scottish can only take 5 days of vacation time which seems really unfair but I know some Dads who can’t get any time off at all!  I guess anything is better than nothing!

And don’t worry there will be a short, “HE’S HERE, isn’t he ADORABLE?” sort of update with a photo or two after he’s born.  And maybe I’ll drop in again with a small post or two before coming back full-time, who knows?  I will also respond to comments and try to post on Facebook as much as possible.

But now if I fall off the face of the earth, you’ll know why because I’m definitely taking two weeks for some “rest and breast.”  They say moms that jump back into life too quickly don’t recover as well as the ones that take the time to fully heal, recover, rest, and breast feed.  That means no cleaning, no committing to things, no cooking (HALLELUJAH!), and no blogging.

But that’s months away guys, I first have to survive a camping trip at 35 weeks and then the entire month of July’s heat and humidity.  I’ll be around for a while!!

Any questions?  Any comments on my dilemma with McKenna?  Any snarky remarks about how awful maternity and paternity leave are in this country?

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6 Responses to “Way To Go Weekend: Logistics and McKenna Pics”

  1. Margy

    Sorry your little miss is being a PITA! Have you tried giving her lots of cookies in her new bed? Or in your room in general? Has she always slept in the crate or has she slept in her bed?

    • Stephanie

      Haha, I’ve tried a treat like once, maybe should give it another go? She has been a crate girl forever but we thought she’d rather be near us than in her crate, wrong assumption I guess! 🙂

      • Margy

        Dogs LOVE their crates — it’s like their little den — they feel safe & secure. If you want her to LOVE her bed and your bedroom, give her LOTS of cookies in there. Maybe a stuffed Kong on her bed? The other idea is to move the bed next to her crate, feed her lots of cookies, and gradually move it closer to the bedroom (like, a little bit closer each day). *I’ll take off my training hat now* 🙂

        • Stephanie

          Thanks Margy, that’s super helpful. I like the idea of moving her bed by the crate, it’s just our crate is so HUGE. She’s only 32 pounds but the scottish insisted we buy a bigger crate JUST in case she grew after we adopted her. I can try the stuffed kong before bed tonight! thanks!


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