I realized that this shower update is long overdue so here I am finally getting around to sharing it!  Also, is it clear that Cities is short for Twin Cities?  In case you’re not from the great white north, Twin Cities represents Minneapolis and St.Paul and basically the general surrounding area of suburbs.  We call it the Cities for short.  #themoreyouknow

The Mother and The Sister did a wonderful job putting everything together.  I know The Mother did a lot of prep work and was really trying to embrace my geography theme but turns out, there aren’t any world related plates, napkins, or table cloths to be found!  She almost trashed her original plan for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party (holler!) but I convinced her that would be better saved for when baby boy was around to see it.  So she went ahead with a beautiful bright colors/world theme and everything turned out lovely.

The food was a make your own trail mix table as well as fruit, and tiny pinwheels sandwiches (not pictured).  Something else we neglected to get photos of was on each table was a different map of a place important to The Scottish and myself.  We had Minnesota, North Dakota, Scotland, Chicago, and perhaps Kansas? I can’t remember now.


The Glue’s girlfriend, aka The Tape, was dying to try this Pinterest idea for the shower and I think she did a fantastic job!  Isn’t it the cutest fruit baby ever?


The Mother decorated with beautiful floral centerpieces on each table.  The vases were actually fish bowls with a world map drawn on them.  This one below is without its flowers at the moment but it’s the best picture of the vases I have.


I’m so impressed with her drawing skills!  The blue water is the perfect touch.

The cake was decorated like Noah’s Ark and looked so cute and adorable.  The frosting design laid over cupcakes is such a cool idea, and it was delicious too!


The front table as you walked in was set up with a matte to sign that would later go into a frame for one of my bump pics.  It also sported both the Scotland and American flags.  (USA, USA, USA!!)  I gotta represent, yo.

Pretty sure The Sister was in charge of this, and one of her ideas was SO HELPFUL.  She had each guest write their own address on an envelope for the thank you cards I would later send out.  #timesaver  I think everyone should do this at every party, except maybe weddings.


And finally, as a wee favor, they sent everyone home with popcorn favors.  Very fun!


What made the day extra special was having my extended family in town!


Grandma J surprised me to the point of tears earlier that day when they arrived in town because I was NOT expecting her.  It’s not always easy for her to leave town right now and I was completely shocked when I saw her walk through the door.


We played two games.  The first one was incredibly difficult!  It was a fill in the blanks game that had us guessing which baby item had originated in which country.  Many people did pretty well but I think I got two correct, haha.


The second game was a Price is Right spin-off.  The Mother had bought about 12 or so items at Walmart and everyone had to guess the cost of each item rounded up to the nearest dollar.  If they matched the price they got a point.  But they also got a point if they were closer to the correct amount than I was.  For example, if the hooded towel was 8 dollars, and I said 6 dollars, but they said 7 dollars, they’d get a point!  It was a lot of fun and guess who got to keep all the turtle themed items at the end?  Yep, all fun stuff for baby boy!


I opened my gifts at the end and was blown away by everyone’s generosity!  This shower really helped me finish off a lot of crucial pieces for baby boy’s nursery.




Have a great weekend everybody!!  Hopefully you get to enjoy some time outside!

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5 Responses to “Showered in the Cities”

  1. Jhanis

    Lucky, lucky lady! You are surrounded by a lot of people who obviously cares so much about and the baby! Now I want some of that fruit baby. SO CUTE!

  2. Kris

    When we threw my SILs shower we ordered thank you notes to match the invites. When I made labels for the invites I did a set for the thank yous and stamped them. We now do this as part of a gift for every shower among our group of family and friends much like your invitations. Super cute shower.

    PS -popped over from the bee

    • Stephanie

      It’s such a brilliant idea! I’ve also been gifted thank you cards that matched my bridal shower invites, it’s a nice detail that hopefully some guests notice! I think this will be a thing for my family now too! 🙂

      You’re here from the hive! Welcome! Thanks for reading and commenting!!


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