Hi friends, welcome to BumpyLand, not to be confused with Disneyland.  Magical Terrible, disgusting things happen here in Bumpyland that include but are not limited to heartburn and gross burping, constipation so bad that it makes my first trimester look easy in comparison, and swollen extremities so large they look scary.

32 weeks edited

We finally have a working light switch in the babies’ room and the damaged closet door has been replaced!  We have art on the walls and almost everything has been put away or put together.  The more we get done the more ready I feel for The Wee One’s arrival and that is a great feeling!  (If you want to read about my shower, click HERE.)

33 weeks edited

One night in natural birthing class I started to panic because I suddenly felt like I wasn’t putting myself in the best position possible to have a med-free birth. My OB and I couldn’t be more different, she got epidurals pretty early on with both of her children, and she rarely has patients go natural, it’s just not the norm these days.

We have different opinions on labor and birth but I still think my OB is awesome and we are a great fit otherwise.  As we inched closer to my due date I began to feel regret about not choosing a midwife or perhaps adding a doula to my birth experience (price is the issue with that).  After a great talk with our teacher and another girl from class, I decided to stick to my original plan of a hospital birth since it’s not like I’m hospital-phobic and since I do have back issues, it just makes the most sense for me.

But that’s when my teacher suggested that I ask for a nurse that is interested in labor skills (as opposed to the ones that ask, “When do you want your epidural?”) when writing up my birth wish list and that in itself made me feel ten times better.  Your OB usually just comes in at the end of pushing to catch baby and make sure there are no issues, but the nurses are with you through it all.

Plus, my labor coach?  He’s kind of amazing.  The Scottish and I have really bonded over these classes and I can tell he’s learning so much.  When we practice the massage and breathing techniques, he’s right there with me.  And anytime I’m feeling some mild discomfort or pain at home he’s right there helping me through it, sort of like practice before the big game.


Things still on our To Do List before baby arrives:

one more trip to Babies R Us for a few items off our registry

wash all cloth diapers

pack the hospital bags

pick his “going home” outfit (yes, that’s a thing these days)

install car seat into car

purchase a second (but used) car??  (We really need two cars here in suburbia!)

Hopefully the next few bump updates will show that we are getting things knocked off this list!

I’m so blessed because while I am getting more and more uncomfortable, baby boy is still inside moving around like a rock star and consequently not causing me to freak out or worry about him.  Such a good little guy!  I can’t wait to meet him!!  🙂

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  1. Ali

    Hi there! I started reading here on and off since your wedding. I had a baby 7 months ago, and I remember all the things you talk about in this post. I flip flopped between wanting an epi and not wanting one. Where I’m living the option was either have one or have no pain medication at all (in Belgium). After my pre-natal classes I felt I made an informed decision to go natural. During labour I found that I had moments where I struggled with that decision, but with a supportive nurse and a wonderful husband I made it pain-med free. I agree with whoever told you to get a supportive nurse. I made sure to tell them on arrival to the hospital that I planned to go med-free. I had a wonderful nurse who had 4 kids naturally herself and honestly, she was a god send. She made sure I didn’t end up with interventions that I didn’t need and she was such a great coach through contractions and delivery. I wrote a little about my experience (http://maysmeals.blogspot.be/2014/01/breastfeeding-from-beginning.html) when I thought I would write a blog. The blog died a bit of a death, but if my experience of going pain-med free when usually everyone here gets the epidural is of any help to you, please get in touch and I’ll do my best if you have any questions! Good luck to you and the Scottish on your baby boy!

    • Stephanie

      Hello and welcome! Thanks for commenting, I just read your birth story- it was lovely by the way. May is a lucky little lady!

      I loved hearing you went med-free. I do have one question, when you said you were not prepared mentally… what do you think would have helped you prepare more? I was so happy to read you went so fast there at the end!

      Thanks again! 🙂

      • Ali

        Thanks 🙂
        A couple of things would have helped me prepare mentally a bit better. One was, to not get so down hearted if your contractions come on top of each other but actually you aren’t making much progress in terms of dilating. I was shocked that my contractions were only 3-4 minutes apart but I was only 3-4 cm. They kind of made it sound in my prenatal class that for sure I would be 7-8 if my contractions were that close together and that just wasn’t the case. I think mentally I got a bit hung up on the numbers, and it might have been better to just concentrate on getting through the contractions as best I could until I felt I couldn’t do it anymore rather than focussing on how little progress I’d made. Does that make sense? Kind of take it one step at a time instead of rushing to the finish (easier said than done!!!). The second mental aspect was that I thought I would want distractions and chat with my husband. I couldn’t have been more wrong! I even barked at him to take his shoes off as they were making too much noise when he walked around when I was labouring. Everyone is different, but I really needed some ‘zen’ space to get through the contractions mentally. Being in the bath helped enormously with pain relief, but mentally I think I could have been more prepared if I had spent time meditating, learning how to focus my concentration. It took everything I had mentally to concentrate on getting through the contractions towards the end of my labour (and transition) and I think I would have looked into meditation and learning how to ‘quiet’ my mind. I’m an extrovert and always on the go so I think I found it hard to concentrate all my efforts on labour. Hope my experience might help you! The thing to remember is that you will meet your gorgeous baby son at the end of it all and to take it one thing at a time. Try your best to not panic if your labour doesn’t go the way you expect, and if you can do some kind of exercises mentally to help you concentrate, go within yourself and keep yourself calm I would really recommend it! Sorry this comment is so long 🙁

        • Stephanie

          This is so interesting and helpful! Lots to think about! It will definitely be a challenge for me to quiet my mind as well. I can’t wait to see what happens! Thank you! 🙂

  2. Kim H

    Make sure you pack a snack for the Scottish in your hospital bag…he will thank you for it! 🙂

  3. Margy

    I really have nothing of value to contribute, but felt I couldn’t break my “comment-on-every-post” streak. 🙂



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