Who wants a sneak peek of the nursery??  🙂 I have a real How-To for you guys today, shocking I know!  Unfortunately, it only applies to those of you considering large-scale decals in your homes, umm this is just a guess but that’s probably not the majority of you, so most of you can read for pleasure. And if you ever decide to put up a decal and need a few tips, refer back to this post! (I took pictures of each step, eek!)

The Mother was nice enough to come over and help with applying the decal because I will say that something of this size is a two-person job!  It’s not that the labor is that difficult but it’s good to have another eye, and someone to help hold certain pieces at certain times.

First up, choosing a wall!  We had to go with one of the two longer walls, one of which happened to be above the crib, perfect!


Next up, we cut roughly around each continent and taped them to the wall to get an idea of where we wanted to stick them permanently. This is a step I would normally skip (seems like a time-waster!) but it was VERY helpful.  We didn’t have it centered the first time and ended up re-taping before we got started.  If we had just dove in, we would have been disappointed with the placement.



I was incredibly thankful The Mother (a fourth grader teacher) was there to help me figure out how everything connected (my geography prowess is pretty embarrassing.)  I was also thankful for the decal directions, and especially the dots they used to help you coordinate each piece together.  The Mother kept quizzing me and I’m not sure how well I passed!

This is a good picture for seeing the dots that mark the boundaries and are removed (easily I might add) at the very end of the application.


Next up is removing the first layer of backing paper.  We read and re-read this part of the instructions because it seemed confusing at first but it was actually really easy.  You take a piece of painter’s tape and make a line down the middle.


Then you lift up one side, remove the backing paper until you reach the piece of tape and then cut it off.



Next, you flatten that piece down and lift up the other side to remove the rest of the backing paper.


Finally, you take a credit card and smooth it all out, going over the real decal so that sticks to the wall when you remove the final piece of sticky covering.

Once all the paper backing is off you have to go back and peel off the top sticky piece.  This part is most time-consuming and requires focus because the islands and other small parts tend to want to stay attached to the sticky cover and once you pull them up all the way it’s difficult to know where they go.

I didn’t end up getting a picture of the removal of the second adhesive probably because I was busy helping and because it’s really difficult to remember to take a picture of each step!  How do home/DIY bloggers do it!?!?

This is a in-progress shot.


And this is the entire decal up on the wall!  I’m biased I know but I think it turned out really well!  Definitely not a destroy-it-yourself but that’s kind of my catch phrase so I had to use it.  🙂

Thanks for all your help Mother!  And just for fun, here’s a practice decal on a baby bump photo, hehe.  Note the stool softener in my medicine cabinet, ain’t no shame in my pregnant game!


Finally, if you’d like your own world decal, Lulukuku is a great company!  I found them on Etsy and the owner was very prompt in answering questions and sending out the product.  I also think they were reasonably priced based on other places I checked out online.  They also included little stars and circles for putting on the map to mark favorite places you’ve lived or visited.  I’m going to wait until The Wee One is bigger to start using those.

(Lulukuku did not pay me to say this, I just wanted to give them some publicity because their product/service was great.)

Has anyone else put up a large decal in their house or is planning on it in the future?  What do you think of our world map?  Have a great weekend friends!

(By the way, we left for camping this morning (Friday) and won’t be back until Sunday so apologies if your comments go unanswered for a few days!  Can’t wait to tell you all how I fared pregnant and swollen in the woods!) 

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  1. Kristie

    That is really neat! I really like the theme you went with, it’s something that will grow with your child.


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