OK, I’m done yelling and my apologies because my title is misleading as I didn’t cry much on the trip, but it made me laugh so it stays!

I am downright jovial about the fact that I’m done traveling (and moving) and that we’re at the point where we can just wait for baby boy to make his arrival.  I am lucky because camping went so well and was overall uneventful, which is definitely what you want when you decide to sleep outdoors at 35 weeks pregnant.


How was our trip specifically?  Well I have lots of fun photos to share but I’ll break them up with a bit of Q and A.  🙂

The Father bought a new 2015 Jayco camper a mere week before we were set to leave and we couldn’t pick it up until the morning we were leaving town!  Talk about a close call!  I didn’t get very good shots of the inside but it’s definitely an upgrade from our last camper.  We had two sites reserved because we had two tents and one pop-up camper and a total of 10 of us plus 2 dogs!




Question: How did the adorable Big C and Littlest C do on the trip?

Answer: They were WONDERFUL as usual.  My nanny kiddos were helpful, and fun, and even though I had a lot going, I tried to treasure every minute with them.

Littlest C was the cutest nanny to The Sister’s dog Fibonacci.  She and him were attached the entire trip and while she gave lots of love to McKenna a well, Fib was just more her size. (McKenna is a bit big/strong for her to carry/walk.)


Big C was a great help with setting up tents and building fires.  He also loved playing catch with The Glue, The Father, and The Scottish.


They both enjoyed taking a spin in The BIL’s camping hammock.  Personally, I would never want to be trapped in a claustrophobic hammock outside in the dark, but The BIL is a hardcore backpacker/hiker/camper so he loves it!

hammock collage

Question: How often did you have to walk to the bathroom each night?

Answer: 5 times per night.  It’s almost like clock-work, I have to pee every hour and 20 minutes, or rather my body wakes me up at those intervals until the wee early morning when I can last up to two hours at a time.  I only made The Scottish get up with me for the two darkest walks in the middle of the night.  Falling when you’re pregnant is no bueno!

Thanks for all your help hunny!


Question: What were the best parts of camping?

Answer: 1. Celebrating The Mother’s birthday.  2. Walking around the state park and enjoying Minnesota’s beauty with my family and nanny kids.

The Mother’s favorite cake is angel food with colorful glaze so The Sister baked it ahead of time and brought it to the campsite for dessert on our first night.


I’m pretty proud of our gift for her this year (The Mother is difficult to buy for as she wants NOTHING).  Us kids decided to renew her zoo membership AND we got her a sponsorship for her favorite animal, the Russia Grizzly Bear.  They send you your own bear when you become a sponsor.  She was very happily surprised!


As we were camping near Taylors Falls so we got to see the beautiful St. Croix river as well as the potholes famous for that area. The Scottish loves his scenery photos and these turned out really well.

scenery photos





Question: What were the worst parts of camping?

Answer: How many can I list without sounding awful?  Just kidding!  1.Sleeping on my side on a tiny camper futon was really uncomfortable.  2. No air conditioning meant I felt sweaty and hot all the time. 3. I felt helpless because I couldn’t get out of the lawn chairs without assistance.  4. I was also sad to miss out on the long hikes, and having limited mobility and ease while doing normal activities was just plain annoying.

I only had one freak out moment that happened when we were all sitting around the fire.  We were all laughing and making fun of each other (like we do) but I was SO uncomfortable and needed some space so I had to remove myself from everyone and ask that no one talk to me for a while.  The only time I cried was when I was alone in the bathroom stall feeling particularly constipated.  No one wants to have that problem in a disgusting campground bathroom.  🙁

Of course I tried to take care of myself as much as possible and laid down at least once per day.  Always a dedicated blogger, I believe my exact direction to The Scottish was “Take a picture of me resting for the blog.”  He got such a flattering pose, didn’t he?  You’re welcome.


Question: How were the bugs?

Answer: We lucked out with flies… some trips we’ve been on have been downright exhausting trying to eat outside while fending off the flies, but this trip they weren’t bad at all!  Alas, we were not so lucky with mosquitoes. No matter how much we sprayed, we all got eaten up.  Even The Glue, who claims to have “mentally conquered” the mosquito, walked away with quite a few welts. As for me, swollen ankles plus itchy bug bites?  NOT FUN!

As we’ve gotten older and started bringing significant others and children along to our family camping trip, we’ve all had to prepare and clean up one meal.  My little family of myself, The Scottish, Big C and Littlest C prepared the tinfoil dinners.  We did this exact meal two years ago. In case you’re going camping soon, a tinfoil dinner consists of two beef patties, baby carrots, potatoes chunks, onion, and butter all wrapped in tinfoil and cooked over the fire.



And just a few more random shots…




I LOVE these beautiful shots The Scottish got of our little girl.  McKenna struggled with sleeping the first night in the camper but other than that she was a pro the whole weekend.  So happy she is in our lives!



What do you guys think of our trip?  I can’t believe it’s done.  Time for Summer Baby Watch 2014!  🙂

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10 Responses to “Pregnant and Camping: You Would Cry Too if it Happen To You”

  1. Aunt K

    Great photos! It looks like you had a great time! I’m jealous! Although, being 8 months pregnant and camping, not the best combination. I will be sure to show Grandma J your photos!

    • Stephanie

      Thanks Auntie K! I’m sure Grandma will like the pics too! You and my Dad are the camping veterans, you would have enjoyed this trip! Good weather and beautiful scenery.

  2. Margy

    I commend you for camping while preggers! Camping is uncomfortable as it is… can’t imagine adding pregnancy to that mix! That said, it looks like it was a lovely trip! So sweet that your Nanny kiddos could join you.

    • Stephanie

      Yea, I’m so glad I was able to go for them and for my family! It was worth it but not my favorite thing in the world. Thanks Margy!

  3. Kelly

    I haven’t been pregnant in 19 years and I cry when anyone even mentions camping. It isn’t for me at all. You deserve a huge prize and a medal for even attempting to camp this late in your pregnancy! My hat is off to you..

  4. Kelly G

    we do the tin foil dinners but call them hobo dinners and then bec there are so many of us we each wrap our foil in different shapes like a star, heart, or animals to keep it fun for the kiddos



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