I know it’s been baby central over here at Drama Happens, so I figured we were due for another house post.  This time it’s not going to be a before and after type post but rather a, this is what our basement looks like with some stuff in it!

We only painted the rooms on the top floor so all the color choices shown here were picked by the previous owners.  We had very limited furniture downstairs because we’ve never had 2400 square feet to fill before!  I’m dying to get new furniture for the upstairs living room (great room) so we can move our old stuff downstairs but unless we win the lottery or fall into a money pit, that’s not happening anytime soon.

So here is a tour of our basement through my semi-decent photos.  🙂

We’ll start at the basement door across from the garage door, that comes with a tiny cat door.  As much as I love dogs, I dislike cats the same amount so that door will get used umm… never.  Sorry cat lovers!


On the back side is where we house a lot of McKenna’s stuff.  Oh, how I have fond memories for the days when we could spend all our money on our little furbaby.


Then it’s down a flight of stairs…


And a turn right to see my beloved renovated bathroom that actually has a shower!  Yay!  I have to admit the walking downstairs every morning hasn’t been as bad as I anticipated, but I will NEVER, EVER like my black bathroom.  Blah!  That thing still has to go!


I love a vessel sink and was happy to see one in the bathroom, but most of family and The Scottish don’t seem to care for it.



(photo taken during inspection, not recently)

Inside the shower stall is a rain shower type nozzle…


And indents for shampoo and conditioner, such a brilliant idea!  Did you notice my shaving/resting chair?  No more toe stubbing for this girl!


Opposite of the bathroom you’ll find our rather large utility room.


Complete with our new LG washer and dryer.


And lots of storage space.  Seriously, this house has so much storage!  It’s kind of amazing.


Leaving the utility room you enter the main room of the basement or what we’re going to call the man cave or lower level living room.  Or perhaps the den?  It’s pretty empty right now but eventually we’d like to have The Scottish set up his Xbox One and guitar with amp in this room.


To the left are two bookshelves we bought in Kansas.


To the right is the office, which you’ve all seen once before, here on DH.



Then if you go right there’s even more storage! This space was used as a closet for the old owner to get dressed in after she showered in the basement bathroom.  That idea makes sense but I prefer to go back upstairs to get ready myself.  This closet is mostly used for winter clothing, coats, and formal wear and also suitcases and wedding stuff.


They even put up a mirror to make a vanity type space for her.


If you back go out through the man cave you’ll find stairs down to the room located below the great room.  This was another addition to the house and was just recently finished by the previous owners.




Is it obvious they had two girls!?!?  The agent asked me what we were having as soon as we went to the basement during our first viewing of the house, and I know he was secretly hoping I would say girl, but guess what, I may be 30 but I still love princesses!  The Mother said this room was meant for me and a sign that we just HAD to put an offer on this particular house.  I mean come on, I did have a fairy tale wedding after all.  🙂


I do like the purple but I’m not a big fan of the pink.  And if only they hadn’t painted the ceiling pink as well- yuck.  The plan for this room is to transform it into a game room.  We want to get a pool table/ping-pong table, a high top table to go with our bar stools, and hopefully a TV as well. Maybe a mini fridge to go with the old microwave?


Back up the stairs we go!


There ya have it, hope you enjoyed the tour! Eventually we will be repainting quite a few rooms in the basement but for now, it’s a little low on the priority list.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for our lower level?  What do you need to do to your basement?

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  1. Margy

    I spy a wedding dress!

    I’m not sure I can continue commenting now that I know you’re not a cat person. The horror! ;-P

    The princess room is awesome… so perfect for you! You should wear your wedding dress and tiara in that room. It can be YOUR playroom. 🙂


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