And happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans!!  I’m actually hosting a small gathering at my house today for my family and the neighborhood families I grew up with, so I will probably have some pics of that to share next week.  After our pre-parade lunch party we’re all heading to the neighbor’s pool/grill-out party and I can’t wait for a chance to get in the water.  For some reason I have been craving a relaxing swim for weeks now (thank you pregnancy and warm weather).

The Scottish and I have yet to decide if we’ll watch fireworks or not based on how our little McKenna is doing.  We’re thinking maybe we should stay home because it’s her first 4th of July with us and if the booms we heard earlier this week are any indication, we’re thinking she’ll be a wreck once they go on for a longer time.

For now I have the much-anticipated nursery reveal!  It feels like it will never be fully completed but I decided it was time to bite the bullet and take photos of what we have now.  Items might change location but that will be based on what works once we actually meet The Wee One and all of the big stuff is in it’s forever spot.

I’m still hoping to get one more piece of decor for the room.  The Mother told me one of her favorite quotes from her classroom is the “We All Smile in the Same Language.”  We thought it would go perfectly in baby boy’s nursery as a bunting of sorts (instead of a school poster) but I haven’t been able to find anything online.  I either have to order it custom-made or DIY it myself.  Umm yea, the second option is not gonna happen!  Anyway, the quote will represent the relationship/humanity parts of our nursery theme and I think it’d make a nice addition to the room.

First off, some wide view shots of the whole room.  Curtains closed.




And curtains open!


Next up, details, details, and more details!  We have the crib, which will be empty before we put baby boy in it, obviously.  The crib is a gift from Mum and Dad Scottish!  Thank you guys again!


Then there’s our cheap IKEA bookshelf.  We bought the KALLAX in black brown along with two mint green cloth bins for holding toys.  The other two sections we’re using for books. And on top there’s a globe to tie in the whole geography theme and a beautiful piggy bank from The Sister’s MIL.


This is our glider, it’s a gift from my parents, thank you Mother and Father!  I can’t wait to use it! The adorable chevron pillow is a gift from Grandma J or Great Grandma J as The Wee One will call her.  🙂  The light is from Walmart and it suits just fine.


On the wall next to the door is a photo from our bump shoot that is framed with a matte that was signed by everyone at my MN shower.  Such a cute idea by The Sister!  (Photo was purposely taken far away to protect the names of the innocent.)


You’ve all seen the outside of baby’s closet but here is the inside.  Lots of onesies because people love to buy onesies!  His ensemble outfits that include pants or shorts are in his changing/table dresser.  He even has a winter coat already thanks to The Sister.


Yes, those are disposable diapers you see!  We bought a box of newborn diapers for his first month of his life because I doubt he’ll fit most of his cloth diapers in those first few weeks.  The bottom areas are being used for storage.  The basket below is storing all his extra blankets and bedding. It’s already overflowing, geez!


Next to the changing table is his dirty laundry hamper in green, and a tiny waste basket.  I panicked the other day when I realized I was using cloth diapers (which have their own trash can with reusable liners so they can be washed) but I’ll also be using disposable wipes and will need a place to dispose of those.  Obviously, we’ll be doing laundry and emptying this trash frequently!


Our changing table setup is blue and green, and we have the liners and covers in both colors.  I’m not sure if we’ll use the basket to the right or if we’ll keep it more minimal up top and put that in the closet.  Note the chevron bins down below from Home Goods and the cloth diaper receptacle to the left.


Just for fun, here’s a peek at our stash of CD’s.  I still need to wash them but I’m overwhelmed by the fact that they need special detergent and some of the darker colors have to be washed like 6 times before baby can wear them.  WHAAAA???


I just love how our beautiful prints turned out from FrannyandFranky! Hi Scotland!  Hi Minnesota!


Above the two prints hangs our video monitor.  We totally splurged on this item and it was one of the first baby things we purchased.  The monitor can rotate and zoom in and supposedly the video can show up on our phones, but we haven’t quite worked that part out yet.


And because baby clothing is just so fun to look at, here is our bin of baby socks and booties!  Some people say baby socks are pointless but we were gifted everything in this bin, so obviously they have some purpose and/or are fun to buy!  🙂


Finally, let’s leave the nursery for a second.  This is The Wee One’s rock and play where he’ll be sleeping his first 1-3 months.  The rock and play will be stationed right next to our bed in a space that it barely fits.  #smallbedrooms  But at least it fits, and hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!


The blanket on the rock and play is a gift from my Aunt K, The Father’s sister.  Their mom, my Grandmother A, passed away years ago but she would crochet and cross-stitch and make us all kinds of things so even though it’s made by Aunt K, it reminds me of Grandmother A as well.  And even better, Grandma J (who lives near Aunt K), helped pick out the colors so it reminds me of her too.  They chose pastels of our wedding colors, so pretty much my favorite colors ever!

And because there’s not much else to say… read below…


Aww, such a good picture of baby boy!!  🙂  Here’s wishing you all a safe independence day!

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8 Responses to “Nursery Reveal!”

  1. Lauren

    Love your nursery!!! So cute and I love so many of the details! Also wanted to add that we have that video monitor and we really like it! We tested it in our bedroom with our dog before baby boy arrived and I loved being able to check it from my phone when we were out of the house.

  2. Jeannine @ The Small and Chic Home

    It looks wonderful!

    Baxter didn’t even notice fireworks for several years! We were so spoiled. That first 4th of July, we braced ourselves, but it was just fine. Good Luck!

    • Stephanie

      Nice! Good job Baxter! McKenna did really well, just didn’t let us out of her sight! But no shaking which was nice.

  3. Erin

    I love it! I really especially love the map mural on the wall- what a great theme!



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