Happy Friday everybody!  Let’s go over some of the survey results.  In case you didn’t get a chance to fill it out, you can always go back to this post and do it now.  Responses always welcome!

I had a decent amount of entries but definitely not as many entries as I have regular hits (readers) on my blog.  And that’s OK, I don’t fault anyone for not wanting to fill it out and to those of you who did, thank you so much!

Sorry but I won’t be sharing numbers or percentages, mostly because math is no fun for me and also because it’s just a small sampling and probably isn’t indicative of DH’s entire readership. However, I will share the top answers!


I was happy to see most of you have read DH since the very beginning with those starting 3-6 months ago coming in second.  This means one of two things: 1) Those reading from the beginning who answered the survey are also my close friends and family OR 2) I provide enough solid content to keep a reader interested and coming back for a full year.  Hopefully it’s a mix of both!  🙂

Q2 and Q3

Most of you read my blog on your laptop or desktop, with phone being the second most popular.  The top answer for time of day was morning for a while and then “whenever I have time” soared to the top.  Literally one person said they read DH on the weekends.  This is all very helpful for me to know.  It means posting early in the AM is a good idea so those morning readers.have something to browse while eating their breakfast and drinking their coffee, and it means no way will I ever start posting content on the weekends.  Sometimes I work on the blog over the weekend but I mostly consider that my time off from DH.  Glad to know you all have lives too!


I think I was most interested in the answers from this question because my range of posts have become so broad recently that I wanted to know what people preferred to read about.  The top answer was surprising and predictable at the same time, baby posts for the win!  I was thrilled to see “embarrassing Stephanie stories was in second” and followed by ” relationship interviews.” I can’t wait to bring back that feature!  Glad to know there is still interest for it!

The best part was seeing all the responses from the “other” answer because so many of them said “All of them!” Or “I read them all!”  I completely forgot to include an “all of the above” type answer.  Thanks for adding that in!  You guys rock.


Almost unanimously, people want both text and pics in DH posts, with picture heavy posts in second place, and the ones where I drone on and on and on and on, in a sad third place.  I don’t take offense at all to that, in fact, I think I need to learn how to be more concise when blogging.  Speaking of, let’s move on…


Shockingly, I only had two men fill out the survey, just two!!  That was a bummer because I know many guys who read my blog, and they’re not just the men who are related to me.  That said, The Scottish told me “people don’t like to fill out surveys,”  but I’m guessing he meant men don’t like to fill out surveys because a lot of women took the time to fill it out.  Oops, that was kind of sexist of me.  Here’s a photo to console you all.

A panoramic shot of our nearby 4th of July parade.




Thanks for answering the age question!  The largest group was the 29-34 which is right where I fit in too!  And the second largest group was 22-28, followed by 35-44.


This question was super fun, and the top response was East Coast followed by my lovely Midwest who tied with the West Coast.  That said I had responses in all three other countries listed, shout-out to Mexico, Canada, and the UK!  And my apologies to those down under, I neglected to include Australia/New Zealand.  Thanks for responding!


Since some of my readers are fellow bloggers and since many of you are blog lovers like myself, I’m going to list the types of blogs you all read most often:

Starting with the most popular response (but knowing that people were allowed to choose more than one response)

Wedding (thanks to all of you who followed me over from Weddingbee!  #iloveweddings)
Family/Recipe (tied with Wedding)

Hardest part of food blogging in my opinion (well besides the actual cooking part- yuck) is getting those amazing, appetizing photos.  The Scottish took this one of my cupcake cones from the 4th of July.  He made them look as delicious as they tasted if I do say so myself!

Blogs related to my line of work


WHAT!?!?  A strong majority of you think The Wee One is coming late!  Not cool folks.


I’m kidding (kind of).  That just sounds so depressing!  I know I’m a FTM (first time mom) but it’s freaking hot out and my cankles are getting out of control!  I’m trying to remember that baby boy needs his full 40 weeks to cook, and that he will come when he’s ready.  I’m just SO ready to be done with pregnancy and meet him.

Next up in popularity was the response for right around my due date, which I respect and very much hope for!  Third in line was going early, and I could kiss all of you lovely people for that stellar response!  MUAH!

Those handful of you that picked August… maybe you were being funny?  Let’s just say Stephanie needs to walk away right now so she doesn’t say something she’ll regret.  😉

OK, was this post too text heavy?!!?!  Haha!  Yea, I don’t really care.  If you need me I’ll be waddling through Burlington Coat Factory searching for a cheap robe to bring to the hospital.  Peace out folks.  Enjoy your weekend!

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12 Responses to “Survey Results or “Let’s hear from our readers!””

  1. Sara

    Getting good food photos is so hard, you’re right! But you nailed it with those cupcake cones – YUM! They look delish!!!

  2. Margy

    Have a good weekend! Random question… what type of Doritos are those??? I love me some Doritos!

  3. Kelly G

    How was it being on the parade route? I can’t imagine I would like that but it’s only one day. Good luck at Burlington, I love that place!

    • Stephanie

      Not bad at all, and super easy to just go out and watch for a few minutes as they turned the corner to start the actual parade. I found a robe, yay!

  4. Erin

    How fun! I’m hoping to build my readership enough to do a survey soon- seeing the results is really satisfying!


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