To be perfectly honest, my mind is elsewhere friends.  I’m having trouble focusing on content for the blog because I’m so focused on becoming a mother, I mean, my due date is in 9 days!!  But I refuse to throw in the towel early.  I’m in the process of writing a deep reflection type post for Friday but I’m not sure when I’ll get back to editing it.  For now, please give me some wiggle room.

And for those of you who like posts that aren’t super text heavy, this is for you.


What I’m looking forward to about not being pregnant anymore:

  • bending over with ease
  • no more swelling/painful feet, shoes fitting again!
  • being able to shave my lady bits and legs without a bump in the way
  • no more constipation, hopefully!
  • moving with abandon (I’m such a klutz so I move very carefully these days)
  • sleeping on my back or stomach, anything but my side
  • sushi
  • hopefully less staring from strangers, I know, I look like I’m about to pop, thanks
  • no more inhaling Tums for heartburn
  • losing weight instead of gaining weight


What I’ll miss about being pregnant:

  • the attention (some women find the extra attention to be annoying or embarrassing, but not me, I like it)
  • feeling baby boy moving inside my belly
  • not having pregnancy to justify my love of foooooods
  • the way my husband treats me/cares for me
  • that feeling of never being alone because you’re so connected to another person
  • compliments from kind strangers
  • my bump, I love my bump
  • my families’ excitement at feeling baby boy move as well
  • being able to ignore the temptation of the newest fashions and consequently saving money
  • having an excuse to park as close as possible to the door or getting dropped off places
  • daily reminders of knowing my strength as a woman and all that a woman’s body can do


I’ll definitely be looking back on these lists in a few months and see if there are more things I miss or more things I love about not being pregnant.  It’s such a special journey, and I’m blessed to have taken it.

What would you add?


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13 Responses to “The Best and the Worst of Pregnancy”

  1. Katie

    Oh you should def not let the fashion pressures come back when your bump is gone! I’m such a fan of buying classic, comfy things and saying “screw it” to “in” items!!

    Exciting times now… your countdown is beginning. Baby boy could be here any day! 🙂

    • Stephanie

      Haha true! I mostly shop at Kohl’s and Old Navy so I never go crazy. But right now I can avoid all the cute new stuff, and soon I will be eyeing it again…

      Yes, he really could! 🙂

  2. Erinn

    I think your list is complete! Being a week behind you timing-wise with baby #2, I feel the exact same way. The fact that you are focused on being a mom and not everything else is awesome, totally normal, and nothing to feel bad about. There is a lot to think about and consider! Enjoy your last days!!!

    • Stephanie

      Thanks Erinn! I really appreciate that you can understand how I feel! So much to think about and consider, yes! Thanks and you too! I bet you are just as ready!! 🙂

  3. Shayla

    Oh, the joy of no more heartburn!! And no more rib pain. I also didn’t realize just how much I was peeing until I suddenly wasn’t – I mentioned to a nurse that I was worried I was dehydrated and then figured out that nope, I was just peeing on a normal schedule. 😉

    • Stephanie

      OH yea, forgot about peeing all the time, that’s gonna be me too! What do you mean most people don’t pee five times per night?? 🙂

  4. Erin

    You’re so close! Good luck in these last few days…I know you’re going to love being a mom 🙂


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