OH MY WORD, is that the worst post title ever?  I think it must be.  Still, it stays.  (My creative title pool is low on water these days.)  And that reflection post I was working on?  Still not ready to share.

Exciting and rare news, I have two projects to show you guys that were SO easy, really anyone can do them. Well except for me. I didn’t do either of them!  I was the brains the boss behind both projects instead.

Remember when I shared my idea for putting up bunting in our nursery reveal post?  I wanted to hang the quote, “Everyone smiles in the same language,” because it fit our geography theme so nicely, because I absolutely adore quotes, and because it’s so wonderfully true!  🙂

Well, The Mother was so happy I loved her idea (she first told me about the quote) that she decided she would execute the project for me.  Isn’t she the best?  Unfortunately, the first set she made (under my direction) was WAY too big.  So she had to make another one but she’s hoping to use the first set in her classroom this year.  Win, win.

I actually went to Pinterest for the first time in months to look up bunting in nurseries and I discovered how much I love bunting that covers the entire wall.  While we didn’t cover the entire wall, we did cover most of it and I think it looks fabulous!


The Mother used gray ribbon to thread through the blue and green pennants and then hung them up using nails.  We chose to let the ribbon hang down on the ends and I really love how it ties all the colors of the nursery together.


The only bummer is our framed bump photo had to move into the hallway, but this wall needed something a bit bigger to fill it up so it’s all for the best.





The second project is as simple as buying two matching clocks and two floating/glass frames.  I can’t take credit for this idea as I saw it on a blog years ago now and have wanted to do it ever since.  The idea is each clock tells the time in a different location.  I’ve seen this done in businesses and offices before but never in anyone’s home.  Because we have family in another time zone (6 hour difference to be exact) I knew I wanted one to represent the current time in the US and one to represent the current time in Scotland.



The Scottish took these photos at 7:10 PM our time and 1:10 AM their time.  When The Wee One (and hopefully a sibling or two) is older we can ask him what time is it in Scotland where Gran and Grandpa live!  I imagine us asking, “Is it too late to Skype them right now?”  And “If it’s 10 AM in our house, what time is it in their house?”

Here is a (very dark) picture taken looking through the dining room to the great room (which have yet to be revealed here on DH!).  The clocks are either side of the opening.  I love it!


Of course, The Glue was over at my house and noticed a huge blunder in our set-up.  He said we can’t just put America, there is more than one of those and it’s presumptuous to imply USA.  Good point, buuut we do live in the US, and honestly, I don’t think USA in one frame looks good with Scotland in the other.  So I think we’ll change it to say in tiny letters near the top, United States of, and then America will stay the same size as Scotland.  Whew, crisis averted!

What do you think of our projects?  Would you put bunting in a nursery or double clocks in your dining room?

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15 Responses to “Regarding Clocks and Bunting”

  1. Katie

    Such a good idea!! I may steal that some day. 🙂 And I really like the nursery with the map and globes. Going to be such a bi-cultured boy! 😀

  2. Blair

    Have you seen the pictures of people putting up clocks that the time was stopped at the baby’s birth?

    • Stephanie

      No I haven’t seen that, pretty cute, but I don’t know if I’d want it in their room past the baby/toddler stage.

  3. Jenn

    I love the bunting! We are a few months away from trying for baby, but of course I’ve been visualizing how we’d have the nursery 🙂 And we have a wall in the room that would be perfect for bunting.. thanks for the idea! Your nursery looks so cute!

  4. Tabitha

    I really love the clocks! I always keep all the time zones for my special places/family/travels in the world clock section of my phone and love being able to quickly compare…of course right up on the wall is even better! 🙂

  5. Stephanie R

    I love both the clocks AND the bunting!! Ties in both heritages perfectly!


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