OR so I thought!  It’s looking more and more like baby boy is going to go to his due date or past his due date.  For week 38, I had this mentality that everything we did was for the last time, like our Saturday date night.  We actually had a really lovely meal and because they lost our dinner ticket and must have felt sorry about starving a pregnant lady, we got free appetizers and free dessert!  After dinner we took a walk, it was lovely.

last dinner date night

There’s also the last time I’ll do l laundry before baby arrives.  The last time I’ll go to Target for groceries.  The last time I’ll see or talk to that specific friend.  The last time The Scottish will mow the lawn, etc, etc.  Except it’s never been the last time!  We had another dinner date this past Saturday as well!

Of course you can’t plan your last whatever because you won’t know it’s your last whatever until AFTER it’s happened!  Clearly, not the easier concept for a planner like me to grasp.

38 weeks edited

My most recent OB appointment proved disappointing with no changes and talk of a measuring ultrasound at 40 weeks.  (I’m 39 now but remember I write about the previous week.)  My OB is also a little concerned about babies’ size, because well, he’s going to be a big boy. This can be problematic because if he gets stuck, there is little to do besides an emergency c-section, which is not ideal.

Since my body is not gearing up toward birth yet we are also starting to discuss the scheduling of an induction which doesn’t make me happy at all.  I know enough from my blogger and online mama friends regarding inductions that they’re not idea for a med-free birth, they can take a long time if your body isn’t ready, and that baby should be allowed to come on their own time.  But do I wait until my body is ready even though it could mean a 9-10 lb baby?  Yep.  I trust my body way more than I trust ultrasounds because at this point in pregnancy they can be off by three whole weeks!  The plan is to ask my OB to push out an induction as far as possible.  I mean, anything could happen at this point!

I was upset at the lack of progress from my appointment when I received some great advice from a blogger friend that helped me gain some perspective.  She said, we have to get on the same wavelength as baby, not force baby to get on our wavelength, and baby will come when they are ready.  She also said it’s best to make your world as peaceful, calm, and welcoming as possible for baby so they know it’s safe to come out.  OHHHH, so crying and stressing out is probably not the best huh?!?  Haha, oops.  🙂

I know that some women’s bodies don’t go into labor naturally no matter what, but I’m hoping that if I stop dwelling, baby will come when he wants to, and I will welcome him whenever at whatever size.  I have these big Scandinavian and Russian bones, let’s put them to good use!



As for symptoms, I have nothing new to report, just more of the same.  My feet are becoming unbearable but I refuse to stop walking!  I am also focusing on enjoying these last few days of rest but I’m getting soooo anxious and excited about baby boy’s arrival!

Have you noticed that mommy bloggers like to write online letters to their little ones for posterity’s sake?  I must be close to becoming a mama because I had my first urge to write my child a letter. 🙂

Dear Baby Boy,

Your Dad and I are soooo ready to meet you and hold you and love on you!  We want you to know it’s safe to join us out here but that you can stay in Mommy’s belly as long as you feel comfortable.  You’ve been the best wee companion for the last 9 months and I will miss having you so close but nothing will compare to actually meeting you.  There so many people I can’t wait to introduce you to, and we all love you so much already.  See you soon little one!

Looking forward to your birthday.

PS Thanks for helping me work on my patience, Daddy says I’m really bad at it!

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5 Responses to “38 Weeks and The Last Time For Everything”

  1. AreYouFinishedYet

    I am sure you have heard this a million times, but however it happens, it will be fine. These things don’t always happen the way we want them to, but they usually happen the way they are supposed to. I had two c-sections due to both of my kids being breech, and I can honestly tell you it was fine. So much so that when I was pregnant, I had zero apprehension about having a c-section again. And I am a worrier by nature…so that is saying something. I find that the people who like to tell you stories about pregnancy and the birthing process are the ones who have horror stories, so don’t let that make you think those are the only experiences. No matter how it happens, there will be hard parts to endure, but it is true when they say you forget much of it as soon as you lay eyes on your baby. You will do great! Good luck!

    • AreYouFinishedYet

      I meant to say that “when I was pregnant the SECOND time, I had zero apprehension about having a c-section again.”

  2. Margy

    Getting closer! The good news is that you won’t be pregnant forever. He WILL come out eventually!

  3. CoCo

    Hoping that silence on your end means that wee one has a birthday to celebrate!


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