Helloooooo!!  How are you all doing?  I’m finally back with a post.  Thanks for being patient with me. We’ve definitely been undergoing a big adjustment these past two weeks after the arrival of The Wee One.  Life is so bizarre right now, I feel like I’m a hamster running in a wheel, constantly moving but not going anywhere.

What I’m trying to say is, it’s Groundhog day over here people.  I do the same things not just every day but every few hours!  I nurse, change diapers, rock/console baby, and wash and fold laundry when baby is sleeping.  My emotions are all over the place and I’m very sleep-deprived.  Newborn sleep is crazy!  Even on the good nights, I still don’t wake up fully rested.  It didn’t help that my labor was really long and The Scottish and I didn’t sleep for two nights in a row.

Despite the exhaustion, tears, and learning curve, I’m insanely happy right now.  My son is perfect.  I mean that in every way possible, he’s beautiful (apparently I was expecting some sort of alien baby because I was shocked at how adorable he is), he’s breastfeeding well, gaining weight, learning how to sleep and self-soothe and while he has his many fussy moments, I don’t get upset with him because it’s completely normal!  You can’t fault a newborn for being a newborn and we feel so blessed to have him in our lives.  I still cry a lot due to hormones and feeling overwhelmed but when I look at him, I know it’s all worth it.  And then I cry again because I’m so happy!  Even when it’s 3 AM and I’m nursing half-awake wishing I was back in bed I remind myself that I never want to rush time because he’s going to grow so fast and this newborn stage is very fleeting.

Just like I knew he would be, The Scottish turned out to be an amazing father.  The Glue noted that when The Scottish talks to The Wee One his accent gets even funnier because it’s all high-pitched and sing-song-y.  How cute is that??  The Scottish is always willing to help when he’s home and he’s doing a great job being my support person and still going to work full-time.  The Wee One and I definitely miss him all day when it’s just the two of us, but we have family visit us and we do OK, just living day by day.  It’s a bit isolating but I think it will get better once we can leave the house more often.  Now that I’m past the two week mark I plan on taking daily walks with The Wee One and McKenna.

So I’m hoping to finish The Wee One’s birth story in the next few days as I know many of you are dying to read that in all it’s unsettling detail, but for now I’ll share my most recent bump pics.

We always take my bump shots on Sunday morning, and since my contractions started Sunday night, these are the last photos taken of me pregnant before I started laboring.



I thought it might be fun to watch my bump go back down (instead of watching it grow), but in actuality it’s too depressing and I’m sick of taking photos every week so these will be the final pictures of our bump series.

I am wearing something that does nothing to help suck me in but it’s still surprising how pregnant I look!  Since it’s only been two weeks I probably shouldn’t be too hard on myself.  I’m sure my uterus is still in there slowly shrinking but I look forward to being more active in the coming weeks so I can get rid of the extra fat and tighten my tummy a bit.

39, 40, 41 edited

Note my hair in the two postpartum pics, dirty and in a ponytail and clean but not blow-dried.  OH, how things change with a baby in the house!

Anyway, I hope you’re all doing well! I’m still easing my way back into regularly scheduled programming because this guy is only going to be two weeks old once.  SO.IN.LOVE.




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12 Responses to “Groundhog Day”

  1. AreYouFinishedYet

    Congrats. He is adorable. And yes, the crying. (Yours, not his.) I remember it well. But it sounds like you have the right attitude about it all!

    • Stephanie

      Thanks! Yes, those baby blues are for real, but I feel like it gets easier as time goes on and we adjust to each other! He’s pretty awesome!

  2. Kelly G

    I’ve heard it can take up to a year for the uterus to shrink back down so dont be too hard on yourself!! you are doing great and I can’t wait to meet the wee one!! so cute 🙂

  3. Margy

    He’s precious! You look great… and hang in there, mama! You are all adjusting… and doing quite well, it seems. One moment at a time… 🙂


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