Happy Monday friends!  I’m back from maternity leave and I’ve decided to break up baby boy’s birth story into three parts, because who doesn’t love a good trilogy and we all know it would be one looong post if I didn’t.  🙂

Sunday July 20th started off like a normal day, we went to a church we’re courting right now and everyone made comments on how I looked very close to giving birth.  In the back of my mind I was thinking, it’s going to be another week at least!  When we got home The Scottish mowed the lawn, I worked on DH and took a nap.  We made one of favorite dishes for dinner, chicken sausage and red potatoes, and then we sat on the couch to watch some TV.

I went to the bathroom and noticed I was losing some of my mucous plug. If you don’t know what that is, umm, do not Google it.  It’s also called a bloody show, and can be an indicator that labor is coming in the next few weeks, days, or in my case, hours!  I started having minor contractions during an episode of Psych so I called my family to let them know something could be happening tonight and I told The Scottish we should go to bed early (around 9 PM) in case we had to go the hospital in the middle of the night.  The Scottish wanted to watch one more episode but later told me we should have gone to bed when I first suggested it, haha!

I tried to sleep for an hour or so but was too excited/uncomfortable to get any rest so I went to the couch to time my contractions and read natural birth stories online in preparation.  This is the first photo I took once my contractions started, oh how long ago this seems now!


I woke up The Scottish around 1 AM maybe, I can’t remember now.  And he started timing them with me.  I decided to take a shower and shave my legs while the pain was still manageable and being under the hot water felt amazing!  I didn’t get to bake The Wee One his birthday cake because it just seemed too daunting and pointless in the middle of the night.  I did however take a picture of my preparation.


After my shower I bounced on my yoga ball to pass the time and get through the contractions.  Around 3 AM or so The Scottish called our OB’s office because my contractions were getting closer together.  She asked him if I’ve been having trouble getting through the contractions for an hour or more, and she said don’t ask your wife, just answer.  Too bad I heard you doc (this wasn’t my normal OB)!  The Scottish said he didn’t think it’d been an hour of difficult contractions.  So we stayed home and continued laboring until about 4 AM when I decided I was ready to go to the hospital.


I sat in the backseat on our drive there and looking back, even though I was contracting, I was waaaay too comfortable.  I could have waited a bit longer at home but in my head I kept thinking how fast The Mother’s labors went and I wanted to be at the hospital just in case.  It was a nice drive with zero traffic due to the early morning time which was nice because we live 20 minutes away from our hospital without traffic.

When we arrived I abandoned my original idea of laboring in my own clothes and threw on one of their hospital gowns.  They checked me and I was dilated to 1 cm.  WOMP WOMP.  Instead of sending us home they told us to walk around for an hour to see what happened.  So we went walking.


Looking good right??  HAHA!

They checked me again an hour later and I was a stretchy 2-3, which totally surprised us.  We also found out pretty early on that my bag of waters was BULGING, and we all assumed my water would be breaking relatively soon on it’s own.  We were admitted to a labor room around 6 AM but not before I puked up our Sunday night dinner.  That was disgusting and one of my worst nightmares come true, it appeared I was going to be a labor puker! NOOOO! I threw up two more times that day which led to my dehydration because I couldn’t even keep water down.  I guess that was my body’s way of dealing with the pain?  Not fun.


Another disgusting labor surprise was a rash that appeared on my face.  Can you see it in the picture above?  Here’s a close-up of my other cheek:


SO WEIRD.  The nurses told me I had the rash when I came in that day.  The rash wasn’t bumpy or itchy but it was dark red and randomly placed.  I didn’t notice it until midway through labor, and I was shocked, “What the hell is that?” I asked everyone.  No one could tell me why it happened or if it would go away, not even my OB.  It ended up fading slowly after I gave birth and was gone about three days postpartum but at the time I was really annoyed and scared it would stay forever.

Back to the story!  At 8:30 am I was at 4 cm!  I had reached active labor and I spent the next few hours in a haze.  Laboring in bed, holding The Scottish’s hand, laboring in the shower (unfortunately, all the rooms with labor tubs were already occupied, and that was a big bummer), laboring on the birthing ball, and laboring against the wall/ledge.  Time went insanely slow but at the same time it cruised by because I was so focused on the pain.



I somehow managed a smile for the camera in between contractions while sucking on ice chips.  I was constantly feeling hot so I loved having a cool washcloth on my forehead at all times.


I passed 5, and 6 cm and when they checked me again at 2 PM, I was at a 7.  It was a relief and I was sure I would dilate to 10 in less than two hours and I’d have a baby by early evening.

Oh, how wrong I was…

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8 Responses to “The Wee One’s Birth Story: Labor Begins”

  1. Kelly G

    I had no idea that you could get a rash and the vomiting sounds awful! I know you may not want to answer on here but what hospital did you deliver?

    • Stephanie

      Everyone is different so most people don’t get a rash, it’s just what happens to your body when it goes through something somewhat traumatic! YUCK

  2. Rebecca

    Thank you so much for sharing your story! As a first-time mom-to-be to my own little man arriving in November, I’ve really loved following your pregnancy journey. Those pictures are classic and I love that you’re sharing them!



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