It will come as no surprise to anyone that we hired a professional to take newborn photos of our beautiful little boy and our new baby family a mere three days after he was born.

We hired Annie Wiegers Photography on a recommendation and our photo session was absolutely amazing.  The way it works is you reserve the photographer ahead of time and give them your EDD (estimated due date) but you don’t schedule a day for photos until after baby is born.  The key to newborn shots is have them done before 10 days of life because 10 days after birth they start to become more alert, they start to get baby acne, and their skin begins to peel.

This post isn’t meant to be a review but I have to say we LOVED our photographer.  She made the entire morning feel so easy and relaxing.  If you do choose to have newborn photos taken, make sure you find someone who isn’t going to rush you through nursing (since you’re still getting the hang of it), or who gets frustrated dealing with fussy babies.  Annie was wonderful and patient with The Wee One, and completely smitten by his eyelashes I might add.  Plus, she brings her amazing setup/props to your house so you don’t have to go anywhere. The Scottish and I both felt like we could chat with her for hours.  I highly recommend Annie Wiegers if you live in the Twin Cities!

We started with family photos in our bedroom because the little guy was too fussy to take his newborn pics.  The blanket he’s wrapped in was crocheted by The Mother, or his Grandmother, so it’s extra special!

(Note: My rash has is practically gone in the photos!  I can still see some redness now after I shower or when I get overly stressed out but for the most part it has disappeared. The whole thing is still such a mystery to me…)











My instinct is to apologize for my postpartum belly in the next photo but screw it, I had just given birth!  It’s totally normal!

McKenna is not allowed on our bed, but this was a special occasion.  Unfortunately, we were only able to get a few photos taken before she fled in fear of the camera.


McKenna loves to sniff her baby brother!


We moved to the great room (our living room) to utilize some natural light and change locations.  The Wee One is wrapped in our personally designed family tartan. That’s a story for another day but if you are curious, you can read more about it HERE and HERE (archives from my wedding planning posts).







And finally, The Wee One’s newborn photos.  I’m so in love!  The adorable hat and sage green wrap were props brought by the photographer Annie.





This blanket was made my his Great Aunt K, the colors were chosen specifically to be pastel versions of our wedding colors.


Eyes open!!


We were pretty impressed with our little man because he avoided peeing/pooping while nakey on all of her blankets.




Aren’t naked baby shots the best?

I leave you guys with my favorite shot, random I know, but it melts my heart so bad.  🙂



All photos by Annie Wiegers Photography.

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14 Responses to “Newborn Photo Shoot!”

  1. Rachel

    Ahhh!!!!! So in love with all of these! Since you’ll always be Mrs. Sword to me, the clever tartan use completely delighted me. Such sweet moments!

  2. Kelly G

    So precious! I love the daddy and wee one where he’s got his finger, too cute. WHO cares about the belly, you’re right u just gave birth! You look lovely, no rash that I see, Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Katie

    OMG, so so adorable. I love all the ones with father and sons’ heads together!! 🙂



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