I wanted to share a bit about how The Scottish is doing as a new father these days.  If I had to describe his parenting in two words I’d use amazing and hilarious.

For starters he comes home from work exhausted but still finds energy to play and help with the care of his son.  By the evening I’m beyond ready for a break and he is beyond ready to say hi to the little guy.  I never thought I’d say this, but I now find preparing dinner quite peaceful after a day of caring for a newborn.

On one of his first days as a new Daddy, The Scottish fed The Wee One pumped colostrum through an eye dropper after I breastfed.


For the most part I do all the middle of the night shifts during the week so The Scottish can be well rested for work but sometimes I need a break or a quick diaper change and he’s always willing to step in and help with those torturous early AM wake-up calls.

But don’t worry, he’s not perfect.   He might have won the Best New Dad award but he also wins the awards for Slowest Diaper Changer and Most Awkward Baby Hand Offs.  No one is perfect right?  🙂

Perhaps the most unique and ridiculous thing about The Scottish during these early days of parenting are his hallucinations.  OH MY WORD. They are crazy.

See, I was under the impression that only postpartum mothers had hallucinations due to hormone changes and whatnot, but let me tell you guys, anyone who is sleep-deprived can have them!  Even this guy!

The Scottish will “see” The Wee One in the middle of the night sitting on our comforter.  He will literally reach out and try to grab him repeatedly, frantically wondering why his son is dangling in such a precarious position.  Usually I wake up and tell him The Wee One is still in his rock n’ play and we both go back to sleep.

But sometimes The Scottish involves me in his hallucination.  One time he got out of bed and came around to my side and tried picking up my arm.  He must have grasped it multiple times before I shouted, “That’s my arm! The Wee One is in his rock ‘n play!”  At that point he fully woke up and realized what was happening.  Hilarious!

The other night I woke up to The Scottish’s hand and on my hip.  It felt like he was pushing me gently but he was really rocking me!  haha!

So I told him “Scottish, The Wee One is not here!  That’s my butt.”


“Where is he?”

“In his rock ‘n play.”

“Oh, OK.”

And we’re both passed out again.  It’s weird because we’re both so exhausted we barely remember the hallucinations come morning. But of course I can recall thinking, “This would be a great idea for a blog post.”  🙂

I imagine once The Wee One starts sleeping through the night the hallucinations will disappear but only time will tell!

The Scottish isn’t the only one having them but mine were more infrequent and not quite as creepy!  Have you had any weird visions postpartum?  Anyone else get them when they’re sleep-deprived?

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