WOW!  It’s true what they say, time really flies by after you have a child!  That said, the moments when you’re in pain or sleep-deprived seem to drag on forever, but for the most part you feel like your baby is growing too fast and that everything feels like it happened yesterday.

I plan on doing a monthly update of The Wee One for the first year of his life and while I feel like there is always so much to say, I’m going to try and keep these as simple and generalized as possible.  Think of this as his online scrapbook (which yes, means LOTS of photos).

Biggest Struggles This Month:

self-soothing (baby)

breastfeeding (mom)

sleep-deprivation (dad)

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

strength and movement during tummy time and weight gain (baby)

breastfeeding (mom)

getting baby to sleep (dad)


Our little guy turned one month on August 22nd, 2014 and since I didn’t get to make his birthday cake during labor, I finally made it his past weekend.  Delicious.

Month Stats

You know how it’s popular to take monthly photos of a child next to a stuffed animal to watch them grow each month?  Well I decided to use books instead!  I used to read these Mo Willems books with my nanny kids and we all loved them.  The author is hilarious and since I already own three of them, I figure I’ll start a collection so I can use a different book each month.

Oddly enough, after we had taken a bunch of photos I realized The Wee One had sort of “acted” the story out of, “Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!”  At the end of the book the pigeon falls asleep, just like this little guy did.


We had to get a photo with Mommy,


and Daddy. (Yep, he spent most of the photo shoot crying.)


As for other big milestones, he also got to try a pacifier and a bottle for the first time just recently!

I call this his model pose.

model pose

We had read that someone other than Mom should give them their first bottle to avoid confusing a breastfed baby.  The Scottish even made me leave the room so The Wee One wouldn’t smell me, but they had no troubles at all and I was allowed back in to snap a photo.  Hopefully he takes to it like this every time!  Now Mommy can have a feeding break once a day or even go out for more than two hours at a time, hallelujah!

first bottle

You might have noticed we’ve lost some hair since the beginning of the month, but it’s weird because he still has a decent amount of hair in the back and just less in the front and on top.  Now the big joke is that Daddy and baby look even more alike!  hehe





Ahhh, he’s so sweet!  OK, that’s enough baby pictures for now, have a great week everyone!  🙂

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