My life is unpredictable right now.  It’s new and it’s busy and I’m still trying to figure out how to manage my time so that I can still blog while caring for an infant, a dog and still keep the house clean and all of us fed.  The past few days have been even busier as I’ve had my nanny family in town.  The Nanny Mom brought us tons of food and cooked delicious meals for us to eat, while Big C and Littlest C doted on The Wee One and McKenna.  It’s been a great visit but it meant I had no time left for writing.

I wish I could be the kind of person who posts randomly but doesn’t fall off the face of the earth but my fear of losing my stride and my addiction to structure is too strong.  So even when I can’t manage a full post I’m just going to share something small to stay connected.  Is it pointless?  Maybe.  But it’s how I maintain this blog.

I do have some good news…

In case you haven’t noticed Drama Happens has reached 201 likes on Facebook and I’m pretty stoked about it.  This definitely calls for a celebration but this since this week is crazy, there’s no time to celebrate right now!  If you have yet to like us, what are you waiting for? Click here!

Behind the scenes of DH, The Scottish is working on a new website and a better way to submit comments. Who knows when it will get finished, but I appreciate any and all time he has to work on it.

My little guy has been extra fussy the past few days and I’m feeling very drained, literally and figuratively. Drained but still happy because I love my little family and most of the time life is so so good.

How is your week going?  Anyone want to share?

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7 Responses to “Life.”

  1. Kstie

    I’m stuck in the hospital, on bed rest, until they induce me Monday. I really enjoy reading your posts as they are about a six week look into my future!

    • Stephanie

      Ugh, I hear bed rest can be very frustrating. Good luck with the induction! You get to meet your little one very soon! Enjoy your look into the future, haha 🙂

  2. Margy

    I’m entering by 6th cycle of TTC… and to say that it’s bumming me out is an understatement. After all those years of trying to NOT GET pregnant, who knew it would be so hard to GET pregnant!

    Other than that, I’d really like to win the lottery so I do longer have to work. Sure would help if I actually played, though. 😉

    • Stephanie

      The Scottish wants to win the lottery too haha! Ooo I hope this is your month! I know, so many years of avoiding pregnancy and now it’s probably always on your mind! Fingers crossed girl.

  3. JennyinAZ

    I just wanted to let you know I don’t have a facebook page, so I can’t ‘like’ your page! 🙁 sorry! LOL and I think posting small stuff to stay connected is good enough. Pictures are always great too! 😉


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