Lesson Learned

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camping collage camping collage

After an amazing and long day outside at a campsite with his family this past Saturday (no we did not stay overnight), The Wee One was a bit cranky on Sunday.  Understandably so. I had planned to spend most of yesterday writing but my time is not just my own anymore and my son needed extra mommy hugs.  How could I say no to that? This kid has helped me so much with my priorities. Oh, I still worry and obsess over silly things but I now come to the realization quicker that most Read more […]

Post Baby Chop

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DSC03058 DSC03058

I’m the girl who rarely gets a haircut and when I do, it’s a trim and not usually noticeable.  I always have my hair long, down, and straight, boring and simple yes, but it’s my style. I didn’t feel inspired to do a PWC (post wedding chop) because I didn’t grow my hair out for my wedding.  It was already long. I did add extensions to make my locks even longer.  (And it was SO worth it.) With the birth of my son I’ve had to streamline my daily morning routine.  But a girl can only get Read more […]

Exciting Interview #5 Coming Next Week!

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Wow.  Yes.  I’m finally getting around to another relationship interview.  Because well, Drama Happens.  Life gets in the way.  Babies are born.  Time marches on.  Cliché phrases are written.  But the series is back and that’s what matters! Next week’s interview is about navigating a long-distance marriage.  Most of us have been in a long-distance relationship at some point in our lives (raises hand) but it’s rare for couples to live in separate states and homes after they are married. Read more […]

The Wee One: Two Months

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DSC03078 DSC03078

My baby is getting so big!!  Today The Wee One turns two months and that means he’s at the pediatrician’s office getting his vaccinations. 🙁  Obviously this post was written in advance so I don’t know how he fared after the shots, but I’m hoping he’s not too miserable today! Edited to add: He did well with his shots, cried during but fell asleep afterwards!  Also, he’s 12 lbs 4 ounces, and his growth is right on target! There’s not a lot of new stuff happening this month, but he’s still Read more […]

Way To Go Weekend: A Hot Mess

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DSC02533 DSC02533

Happy Friday everybody!  One of my girlfriends is in town from NYC for a few days to meet The Wee One!  She is a fellow Target-obsessed buddy and dessert-loving gal and I’m so happy for this quality time with a dear friend. I am also happy to report there has been some improvement on the thrush-related pain!  I am still in the process of treating it and some nights it feels like this journey will never end but I am trucking along. It doesn’t help that I feel like a hot mess most days.  This Read more […]

If Money Were No Object

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Our lives are very full, very rich… with blessings.  It’s difficult living on one income but it’s the right decision for us and I wouldn’t trade my time with The Wee One for anything.  So what if we don’t have a lot of money leftover after paying our mortgage and bills?  We can still daydream about all the things we’d buy if we had lots of extra moolah! Here’s our current list of wants.  Let’s be real, if money were no object we wouldn’t be buying a used second car but you get my point, Read more […]


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Why doesn’t Facebook have a dislike button?  I’ll tell you why.  Because there are way too many jerks out there who would abuse it. Appropriate things to dislike could include: I’m getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. BOO! Our washing machine just broke, guess I’m not finishing the laundry today.   #notanotherbrokenappliance WTH? I got a speeding ticket for going 5 miles over! Dislike, dislike, dislike. But that’s not what people would use it for.  No, they’d use it to be Read more […]

Why I’ve Stopped Sucking In My Gut

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lower body pic lower body pic

I gained a lot of weight while pregnant, past the amount they recommended.  I have a few extra (15 to be exact) pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  If I really wanted to be ambitious I could lose a few more (30 in total to be exact) to get back to my wedding weight.  But I don’t really care anymore.  I’m letting it alllll hang out.  (And by hang out I mean I’m not sucking in anymore but I’m still layering and wearing clothing that helps minimize things.  I’m not crazy!!) My Read more […]

Something is Missing

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Guys! This past weekend The Wee One attended his very first church service (and he did really well, sleeping through most of it), which brings me to the main point of this post, The Scottish and I are searching for a new church. Yes, again. I wrote about this before while we were living in Kansas City.  Same topic, new city, so my apologies because I will be repeating myself slightly (intentionally for those newcomers to DH). Life is really good right now for obvious reasons but in some ways Read more […]

Family Photo Dump: Meeting Baby

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DSC03014 DSC03014

The Wee One is a special guy.  I know it.  The Scottish knows it.  But even better, our whole extended family knows it!  The Wee One has been so lucky to have met so many of his extended family in the first few weeks of life. I want to remember these moments.  I want them saved on my blog because in my life, there is nothing more important than family.  It’s cliché but true, they make the good parts of life better and the bad parts of life easier.  In our family, we laugh… a lot.  We Read more […]