It hurts to say this but… my dog is a killer.  She only kills small rodent-sized animals and she’s still the sweetest doggie ever to all humans, but she’s a hound mix and she has instincts.  It’s in her nature, she literally can’t help herself!

I really love Kenna’s beautiful brindle coloring and even though you can see it in photos, what doesn’t come through is her personality.  She looks dark and dangerous but her expressive ears and eyes convey so much love.  She’s one of the sweetest dogs you’ll meet and so demure sometimes and so outgoing other times.


We managed to go about a full year without her bringing us something dead.  About three weeks after her new baby brother was born, The Scottish, The BFF and I were all sitting in the great room, talking and holding baby, when we saw McKenna come up to the glass door to the patio.  She was holding something gray and limp in her mouth. Both The BFF and I immediately assumed her toy rabbit got outside somehow (her favorite toys are those soft non-stuffed ones that resemble real animals, go figure!).  After two seconds we both realized at the same time, nope not a toy, it’s a REAL squirrel hanging in between her jowls.  CUE THE SCREAMING.

McKenna’s tail wagged gleefully as she was very proud of her work.  McKenna has been chasing the squirrels in our backyard since we moved in this past May but has never caught one.  I know it’s hard to say for sure, but my instinct tells me she stepped up her game once we added a family member to the pack and she decided she better contribute more to the household, haha. Although it could be purely coincidental too.

While I was freaking out The Scottish went outside and told her to “drop it” and she let go of the squirrel and then rolled over on to her back in a submissive position and begged for some “good job” belly rubs, which he gave her.  It’s not OK to discipline a dog for something that happened in the past, because they won’t understand.  The punishment or reward must be immediate.  So he gave her “good job” belly rubs for dropping the squirrel when asked.

The second incident occurred on a walk but neither myself nor The Scottish were there to see it..  The nanny family was in town and they had taken McKenna on a walk while I stayed in to rest with a napping baby.  Well, they ended up walking by a bush that housed a litter of bunnies and two of the bunnies walked right out in front of them.  They literally placed themselves in front of McKenna’s face!  What’s a dog to do?  She got two in her mouth, and when they told her to drop them, one scampered away and but the other one wasn’t so lucky.  🙁

I’m sort of waiting for a third kill because doesn’t everything happen in threes?  It doesn’t help that McKenna gets to be outside in the yard daily with plenty of opportunities to chase the many many squirrels that live in our backyard.  I WISH they had gotten the message that she means business..  We still take her on walks but they are less consistent than before baby so she needs to be able to run and play out back as well.  I’m so curious to know if she just caught a weak one or if she was fast enough to catch one, who knows?

I get that it’s normal for her to hunt but my biggest fear is that McKenna will catch a disease from one of them.  🙁  Luckily it seems she wants to bring them to us as offerings instead of eating them for food!

On a much happier note, yesterday was Kenna’s 2nd birthday!  The photo below is of her and her cousin-dog, The Sister’s Fibonacci.  In case you’re wondering, the posing of this photo took MAJOR treat bribing.


People will ask us how McKenna has reacted to having a baby brother in the house, and while I think she experienced some jealousy at first, I’d say she’s adjusted quite nicely.  She’s actually been a real trooper with his late night feedings that wake her up as well.  I have noticed her being extra clingy with me and her love for The Scottish is as strong as ever!  McKenna is such a Daddy’s girl!

Here’s a family photo we took over Labor Day.  Yep, we’re in our pj’s and I’m nursing.  We know how to take a good picture.  🙂


Here’s a photo from the first day we arrived home with The Wee One and one of his and McKenna’s very first encounters.


I am eternally grateful that she has not shown one ounce of aggression towards our little guy.  Too bad I can’t say the same for those rodents…

So that’s how our dog is reacting to having a baby in the house!  How did your animals react to a new baby?  Does anyone have a similar experience?

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  1. Margy

    Such a vicious dog! (totally kidding) Even though I’ve never met her, I can totally picture her standing at the screen door all happy & proud. Look what I did, Mom & Dad! So cute.


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