I gained a lot of weight while pregnant, past the amount they recommended.  I have a few extra (15 to be exact) pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  If I really wanted to be ambitious I could lose a few more (30 in total to be exact) to get back to my wedding weight.  But I don’t really care anymore.  I’m letting it alllll hang out.  (And by hang out I mean I’m not sucking in anymore but I’m still layering and wearing clothing that helps minimize things.  I’m not crazy!!)

My body is a bad-ass, and I’m so proud of her!  So if she wants to let her new tummy pouch hang out a bit and doesn’t mind a few extra back fat rolls, who am I to argue with her?

Confession: I’m wearing maternity jeans in this photo.  What?  Yes. They fit so nicely, I’m addicted!  Trust me, most women have to wean themselves off maternity clothes because they are so comfortable.  #themoreyouknow

lower body pic

I think I look pretty good… when standing.  When I sit, all my puffiness piles on top of each other in an uncomfortable way.  It’s not pleasant to look at either, but again, all I can muster is a “meh” when I look in the mirror.

Don’t get me wrong, there will definitely come a day when I will get fed up of the extra fat and get serious about losing weight and toning up.  I’m already attempting to eat less and move more but honestly I don’t find myself hating on my body as much as I did before I had a kid.  How can I hate on something that labored for 31 hours and pushed out a baby after 2.5??

Have you guys heard that when you’re breastfeeding your body holds on to those last 10 lbs or so because if you were to stop getting nourishment altogether your body would still be able to nurse your baby.  Do I believe the weight will simply fall off after I wean The Wee One?  That is highly unlikely but wouldn’t it be cool if it did? Also, why do I have so many rhetorical questions in this post??

Anyway, it helps that pregnancy gets so physically limiting and draining by the end that you feel amazing once you drop all that water weight.  Thus by comparison, you feel so much lighter regardless of what the scale says.  Plus, I’m lazy practical.  I know we will be having more children at some point so the thought of working out to slim down to then get pregnant again doesn’t make a lot of sense in my head.

Finally, it’s been said before (but I’ll say it again), that having a child helps you focus on what really matters in life.  And it’s true.

So what if my tummy is a little bit softer than it used to be?  My son was worth it.  And frankly, my gut deserves a break!

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4 Responses to “Why I’ve Stopped Sucking In My Gut”

  1. Margy

    Good for you, Stephanie! I am currently in the throes of “I hate my body” and it’s exhausting and sad. I hate that my self value is tied up with my clothing size. Grr. I wish I could just accept my body exactly how it is… extra rolls and all. I’m perfectly healthy… yet considered overweight. Why does being thin automatically mean you are healthy? So, KUDOS to you for appreciating your amazing body (amazing cuz it grew a human, not cuz I’m a pervert :-))

    • Stephanie

      Thin definitely does NOT equal healthy- The Scottish is thin and he eats terribly. 🙂 I know what you mean, I get hung up on pant size as well and loving my body is an on-going battle with good days and bad ones. I wish you luck with your journey, I’m sure your body has done some amazing things as well! hugs! 🙂

  2. Kelly G

    So very true, who cares? Your body did an amazing thing, with an beautiful son to show for it! Only having 15 left to lose is awesome-you look great!

    • Stephanie

      Aww thanks girl! I appreciate that! Your body has done amazing things as well, and you look fantastic! I’m so impressed how you lost and now maintain your new figure!


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