Why doesn’t Facebook have a dislike button?  I’ll tell you why.  Because there are way too many jerks out there who would abuse it.

Appropriate things to dislike could include:

I’m getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. BOO!

Our washing machine just broke, guess I’m not finishing the laundry today.   #notanotherbrokenappliance

WTH? I got a speeding ticket for going 5 miles over!

Dislike, dislike, dislike.

But that’s not what people would use it for.  No, they’d use it to be funny, inappropriate, or just plain mean with normal things like wedding photos, pets, job announcements, and baby updates.  And that’s how people’s feelings get hurt.  I don’t want to share something hilarious and awesome like my husband’s hallucinations only to see a bunch of dislikes.  Why did they dislike it?  Do they dislike funny stories, The Scottish, or sleep deprivation?  How would I be able to tell?

Plus, isn’t it more fun to share the good things in your life over the bad things?  Have you ever been jealous of someone you know on Facebook but don’t even know in real life based purely on how awesome their life seems in status updates?  Oh good, because ME too!  Usually after I’m done comparing myself to them, I realize I’m being an idiot because they’re only sharing one slice of their life, one tiny piece of the pie, and I have no idea what’s really going on.  Everyone has their obstacles.

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The reason this happens is because social media is supposed to be a highlight reel!  It’s not meant for awkward updates about fighting with your spouse, how much you hate your boss, or the details of what your digestive track went through last night (ew).

For example, I’m dealing with some ridiculous pain right now when I breastfeed The Wee One.  I thought we were on the mend but it ended up getting worse and it’s a daily struggle for us right now. On the other hand, I’m feeling incredibly thankful and happy these days for all the blessings in my life..

So the other day I posted this status:

A few extra hours of sleep. Baby hoodies. Routine. Happy awake times. Snuggles. Differentiating between cries. Watching father and son together. Feeling more confident as a mother.

These are a few of my favorite things.

Had I shared the most frustrating part of my life right now it would have looked something like this:

Ahhh, I hate having thrush.  I hate that I’m in pain every time I feed my son, and I hate that I can’t figure out the correct way to treat it.  🙁

And then this comment thread would have happened (insert me rolling my eyes here):

Person 1:  What is thrush?????  (Note the frantic amount of question marks.  Why are they all necessary??????)

Person 2:  My friend’s sister’s husband’s cousin’s wife had that!  It’s awful!  Good luck!!

Me: It’s an oral yeast infection.  My poor little wee one!  Thanks @person2!

Person 3:  Ew that sounds disgusting.  (Great, just what I wanted to hear.)

Me: Umm yea, it is.

Person 1:  Why r you in pain then??????  (Let me introduce you to Google.)

Me: Because we pass it back and forth to each other through breastfeeding.

Person 4:  Have you tried nystatin or diflucan?  (These are the most commonly prescribed meds, OF COURSE I’ve tried them.)

Me:  Yes, both.  We’re looking into homeopathic options now.

Person 5:  Blah blah boob/nipple joke blah blah blah.  LOL.  (Highly inappropriate and not funny.)

Person 1:  Wow.  That sucks.  What does it feel like?????????  (It burns and stings just like this weirdo question, why are you asking me this?)

Person 4: Have you tried gentian violet?  You put it on your nipples and then nurse the baby.  It’s supposed to stain everything but it’s known for being really effective.

Me:  (shakes head and deletes entire thread)


I think I’ve made my point.  And that’s why it’s best to keep your Facebook status updates to rainbows and butterflies because no one wants to hear about your infected boobs.  🙂

PS I want to point out that The Wee One’s mouth IS thrush free but we are still working on getting rid of my pain.  We tried gentian violet this past weekend and I think it’s working… slowly.  Fingers crossed!  On Sunday I told my family we colored his face purple to support the Vikings, haha.

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10 Responses to “Dislike”

  1. Jen

    My little man and I struggled with thrush for quite a while so I understand your pain! Nothing more fun than crying trying to dry yourself off after a shower! And more to the point of your post….it would be cool if Facebook gave users the option to have a dislike button for certain posts they can activate. Then if your feelings get hurt it’s your own fault.

    • Stephanie

      Oh so you totally get it then! What finally worked for you guys?

      And yes, that would be better if you could activate your own dislike button!

  2. Margy

    Hope your boobs are on the mend! I sometimes am tempted to post a “real” FB status… but haven’t done it yet. I’m terrible at comparing myself to others… arg.

  3. Maysmeals

    Hi Steph, sorry that you are suffering in the breast feeding department. May and I went through 5 weeks of unsuccessfully treating thrush, basically because it wasn’t thrush but actually a bacterial infection. I’m not saying you have the same thing, but I would encourage you to keep in touch with a lactation consultant. I found a specialist in the end who helped me (with the infection, but also because we had a terrible latch which was complicating matters and also contributing to the pain). I never thought I’d get through it, but 10 months in and we’re breastfeeding despite the setbacks. I mentioned before that I started a blog but didn’t update it, but I did write about our experience with thrush (or not thrush!) in case that helps http://maysmeals.blogspot.be/2014/02/when-it-looks-like-thrush-but-is-not.html

    • Stephanie

      Thank you for sharing your story! It gives me hope for our future with BF as well. I feel feel like ours is just a really bad case of thrush. It was starting to get better with the GV but then today it got worse again. I’m wondering if it’s because I used an old cream and reinfected myself? So frustrating but I will definitely ask about bacterial infection if I don’t feel better after this!

  4. Rachel

    You are spot on with this…it’s very interesting to realize how much pressure we all put on ourselves as a result of social media. I do have to confess that watching a random thread go downhill – when it’s not my own – amuses me to no end. Makes me want to take a psychology class. 🙂


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