Happy Friday everybody!  One of my girlfriends is in town from NYC for a few days to meet The Wee One!  She is a fellow Target-obsessed buddy and dessert-loving gal and I’m so happy for this quality time with a dear friend.

I am also happy to report there has been some improvement on the thrush-related pain!  I am still in the process of treating it and some nights it feels like this journey will never end but I am trucking along.

It doesn’t help that I feel like a hot mess most days.  This is mostly due to being covered in pee, breast milk, or baby puke.  Why bother putting on nice clothes?  You know I’ve worn the same gray Old Navy v-neck dress that The BFF gave me for every event I’ve attended this summer?

It was my going home outfit from the hospital..


And then I wore it to a bris, a funeral, and I even wore it back when I was still pregnant (even though it’s not maternity)! This summer dress and I are joined at the hip; I wish I’d bought one in every color!  When you need constant access to your ladies and 90% of your clothing is too constricting, you end up wearing the same thing over and over again.

Anyway, this is a typical morning for me:  I wake up drenched in breast milk from a long feeding break overnight (thank you son).  Side note: I refuse to write a post about sleep when he’s doing well with it.  That’s a sure way to jinx us and I know baby sleep can change day-to-day.  But for now, let’s just say, we have a routine and The Scottish and I are getting sleep.  Amen!

The Wee One noisily wakes up for the day around 7 AM and is clearly starving.  I pull him into bed with me and he nurses on one side while I try to keep enough burp cloth in between him and my body so his onesie doesn’t get soaked from the other boob that won’t stop spraying milk.  He stops nursing and gives a small burp so we go to the other side but he’s crying and angry after about five minutes.  I lift him up to my chest to burp him again and he pukes all over… me, the breast pillow, himself, our sheets and my pillow.

I clean things up best I can and change his diaper.  He spits up two more times before I decide to make the long voyage downstairs to the shower.  I change into my robe being careful of my sensitive chest and soon I’m feeling drips down my legs.  Just because the customer is full doesn’t mean the buffet is out of food!  I proceed to drip breast milk down my body while carrying my son to his bouncy in the bathroom downstairs.

I shower and for those 6 minutes I feel clean.  I get out, without bothering to dry off much, and throw on my robe because he’s fussing.  I manage to get into clean clothes and eat a quick breakfast before we start the process all over and I’m dirty once again.  🙂

Side note 2: The Wee One does not puke after every feeding, in fact I’d say he spits up an average amount for a baby but we do have some mornings where it seems like nothing wants to stay down!

And this is why I wear the same three nursing bras in rotation and my old maternity capris that are too big and falling apart.  I MISS NICE THINGS.

Enjoy your weekend friends!

Tell me, what are you up to?  Or what do you miss right now??  I love reading your comments!  Keep ’em coming!

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4 Responses to “Way To Go Weekend: A Hot Mess”

  1. Katie

    This is pretty close to my life right now (or is about to be). With any luck, our son will be home from the NICU Saturday and while we can’t wait to get him here, we’ve been spoiled with uninterrupted sleep. Still, the clothing dilemmas are abounding and I too am roasting 3 nursing bras.

    • Stephanie

      Oh I hope he gets to go home on Saturday! Yea those first few weeks of waking up every 2 hours is C-RAZY but you will survive and it’s all worth it! have fun snuggling your new one Katie! 🙂

  2. Morgan

    Sounds like quite an adventure! 🙂

    Also, not a mom, so this doesn’t come first hand. But I’ve read that Milkies can be super useful, if you haven’t already checked them out (they’re bee mama recommended).


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