My baby is getting so big!!  Today The Wee One turns two months and that means he’s at the pediatrician’s office getting his vaccinations. 🙁  Obviously this post was written in advance so I don’t know how he fared after the shots, but I’m hoping he’s not too miserable today!

Edited to add: He did well with his shots, cried during but fell asleep afterwards!  Also, he’s 12 lbs 4 ounces, and his growth is right on target!

There’s not a lot of new stuff happening this month, but he’s still growing well and showing more and more personality all the time.  I get a lot of compliments on how adorable he is and many jokes on how he looks like a little old man because of his defined features and receding hairline.  In my ultra-biased opinion, he’s the cutest thing ever.  It’s been so fun to see him smile for reasons besides gas, haha!

Biggest Struggles This Month:

fussiness and spitting up (baby)

thrush (mom)

diaper blow-outs (dad)

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

smiling at recognizable faces (baby)

getting baby to nap during the day (mom)

learning how to solo-parent (dad)

Here are the pictures from this month’s photo shoot.  The book is called “The Pigeon Wants a Puppy!”

month stats

I just love how expressive he is.



The last week or so has been a bit difficult with an extra fussy baby who is crying any time he’s not eating or sleeping during the day.  We know it’s just a phase so we’re riding it out and praying that the fussiness subsides by the time we leave for Scotland.  PLEASE!

Even though he can be frustrating sometimes, he makes us laugh with his pathetic noises and silly sad faces.



Later this week is another big event, The Scottish and I are going on our first date post-baby.  The Mother (Grandma L) is babysitting and I’m taking my hubby for a burger and a beer.  I can’t wait!

Hope you all have a great start to your week!

Catch up on previous months:


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8 Responses to “The Wee One: Two Months”

  1. Anita

    Super cute! Sounds like you are heading to Scotland soon so the Wee One can see his other grandparents. I hope that goes well!

  2. Andrea

    My SIL is scheduled for a C-section in late January with her first. Any gift suggestions? She’s having a boy but we try to stay gender neutral. Se’s hoping to breastfeed and they are going the disposables dipes route. Living in NW IN outside you’re fav city. Would love any insight on things that you use every day or are “life savers”. BIL has a 7 year-old girl who is with them part-time.

    • Stephanie

      Hi! Sorry for the delayed response. Fun boy gift idea? those little pee-pee teepees, they really do help you avoid getting sprayed!

      Things I needed more of: newborn onesies, Halo sleep sacks burp clothes, and yea diapers/wipes. I like to get people books because they can grow with the child.

      As for breastfeeding, nipple creams were a lifesaver and the lawn drying rack from Target for bottles (once she starts pumping) is something we can’t imagine living without!

      hope this helps, congrats to your SIL!



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