I’m the girl who rarely gets a haircut and when I do, it’s a trim and not usually noticeable.  I always have my hair long, down, and straight, boring and simple yes, but it’s my style.

I didn’t feel inspired to do a PWC (post wedding chop) because I didn’t grow my hair out for my wedding.  It was already long. I did add extensions to make my locks even longer.  (And it was SO worth it.)

With the birth of my son I’ve had to streamline my daily morning routine.  But a girl can only get rid of so much!  Since my least favorite part of getting ready was blowing drying I just stopped doing it most days.  The result?  My hair looks even more limp and lifeless than usual.  I have zero natural wave/curl in my hair so blow drying is the only way I can get volume.  But walking around with wet hair means it gets tangled and eventually I throw it up in a ponytail for convenience.

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted a real haircut and not just a quick trim.  Not only do I have less time to get ready but The Wee One has started grabbing and pulling at my hair, and he is strong!

The Scottish asked me how short I was going to go so he could be prepared for it.  Haha, I think he likes my hair long too!  The problem was I didn’t have a salon nearby that I really liked.  Lucky for me, Friend M and I recently connected when I moved back to the area.  We’ve been going on play dates with our close in age sons and when I found out she does hair, I got really excited.  No random hair stylist or salon for me!

M did a fantastic job!  I love my new length and cut. And so does The Scottish.  Win win.





Cute, right?

Wait.  Did you think I was going for a pixie or something!?!?!  HA. That looks good on some women but it’s not for me.  I said I LOVE having long hair, remember?  The shoulder-length cut is perfect for me because it dries quicker but it still fits in a ponytail.  The Sister has always loved my hair at this length, but it’s probably been 5+ years since I’ve had it this “short.”  My hair was pretty damaged on the ends and it feels so much lighter now.

Alas, The Wee One seems unaffected.


Look at his eyes!  He’s so funny and adorable.


Normally it takes me a few days to really like my new haircut but this time I was ready for it and I think it’s awesome!  Thanks again M!

Did you do a PWC or PBC?  Or do you get drastic haircuts just for fun?

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14 Responses to “Post Baby Chop”

  1. Candie odell-Scherer

    I did a pwc of my bangs. I had to grow them out and they were driving me crazy. Originally Adam said to not cut them before, he wanted to cut them. I was almost excited about getting my bangs cut on my wedding day as I was about the wedding. Sadly though, he said they were perfect 🙁 seriously went and got them cut on our honeymoon. I hated them that much.

  2. Janet

    I love your new cut. The sister is right that length does look great on you. By the way long distance relationships are lonely. I miss Paul everyday.

  3. The BFF

    My jaw just dropped. Very cute, but I’m going to miss it long. However, you probably already knew that. 🙂

  4. Anita

    You are like me!! Getting my hair cut “short” means its about should length rather than down to the middle of my back. Since my mom let me decide as a 5 yr old how I wanted my hair cut and I decided on boy’s hair short (and had several years of school pictures with short hair followed that), my hair has not been shorter than my shoulders since! I usually grow mine out until its just passed my natural waist, then chop it shoulder length, donate to Locks of Love or some other organization that makes wigs for people with cancer, and start the process over again. The cut looks so cute on you!!

  5. Kelly G

    So Cute!! It is a very good length on you, your sis was right! I chopped mine off post wedding, but I like having short hair 😉

  6. Margy

    Looks great! It’s a good length for you (not that your longer hair looked bad) 🙂 I have always had short hair (bob)… until a couple of years ago, I decided to grow it out. I think I look better with shorter hair, but oddly, the longer my hair gets, the wavier it gets. So I don’t want to lose my “curl”! Most days it ends up in a ponytail…

    • Stephanie

      Yea, me too, I wear lots of ponytails these days. I haven’t been brave enough to do a bob! Enjoy your wavy “curl!” I’m jealous! 🙂



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