The Wee One: Three Months

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I had to interrupt these travel recaps because… The Wee One turned 3 months last week! Unlike last time, I feel like he has changed SO much this past month.  My sleepy newborn baby is now this engaging and delightful tiny person!  Smiling and giggling are normal parts of our day and he’s grabbing at his toys and holding them for short periods of time!  He’s also getting better at self soothing and sucks on his hand frequently to keep himself occupied.  We are still working on rolling over Read more […]

Two Vodkas and The Clouds

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traveling bites traveling bites

What’s a vacation without a little drama? Our trip was amazing overall but it definitely had its not so fun moments.  Let’s laugh (now that they’re over) at them now! United Airlines couldn’t find The Wee One on our flight itinerary.  Excuse me?  We called the week after he was born and added him to the ticket, paid the tax, and requested a bassinet row.  Luckily, after a long phone call, all was resolved.  But still, not a great way to start off! During our first night in Scotland Read more […]

No Regrets

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It’s extremely hard to leave the country when you are a person with anxiety issues.  You worry about your child getting sick, your pain while nursing, money, time, and your inevitable lack of sleep.  You finally give up on the worrying a few weeks out because you know it is pointless and you are as ready as you’ll ever be.  This trip has been on your mind for over a year, confirmed and purchased for months and physically packed up since two days before departure.  It’s not going to be easy flying Read more […]

Day at the Orchard

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Guess what? We’re in Scotland!  Whoo-hoo!  I scheduled this post in advance so I could end the week as normal. I promised I’d share more about my birthday so here goes, the day was absolute perfection.  It started off with an iced vanilla latte and a mani/pedi with The BFF.  Then a relaxing afternoon nap with my adorable son, and finally a date night with my hubby. I also BANKED on a bunch of free stuff, Starbucks, Which Wich, and Caribou.  Does anyone else retail hop on their birthday? Read more […]

That New Mama Bond

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One of the best decisions I made before having my son was to join a new mama class.  I joined for selfish reasons mostly, I wanted to have a set place to go when I left the house, I wanted to know there was a teacher I could ask questions of, and I wanted to meet some new mama friends.  I was successful in all three areas and I got even more out of it than I could have imagined. Taking care of myself is just as important as taking care of The Wee One and I knew this class would be a safe place Read more […]

I love my birthday.

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FRIENDS!  I turned 31 on Saturday!  Exciting right?  🙂 It was a fun and fast weekend and I’d love to tell you all about it, just not this moment.  This moment I need to start packing because we leave for Scotland in what feels like two seconds. In accepting the fact that I cannot get everything done at once, I’ve decided the priority right now is my sanity and getting my family ready to leave the country.  There’s so much to do!  Laundry, packing us, packing McKenna for G and G’s house, Read more […]

I Went to a Megachurch and I Didn’t Hate It

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Willow Creek Church Willow Creek Church

In fact, I enjoyed it. A lot. (If you’ll remember, our search for a new church has been a bit rocky.  We can’t seem to find something that fits all of our criteria.) This past weekend I decided to switch gears and take my family somewhere completely out of our comfort zone, a megachurch.  Technically it’s a name for a Protestant church with over 2,000 members.  My naïve opinion of the megachurch has always been that they are incredibly conservative and sometimes evangelical (in a way that Read more […]

A Closer Look: Long Distance Marriage

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Hi everybody!  I’m super excited to be sharing this interview with you guys today!  H’s answers are thoughtful and honest and I had a great time reading them.  As always with this series, please remember to keep comments positive and enjoy! First off, hello! How did you meet your partner and how many years have you been together? I’ve known G for nearly ⅓ of my life, we have been together for 10 ½ years. We met as freshmen in college. He lived one floor below me in the dorms. One Read more […]