It’s extremely hard to leave the country when you are a person with anxiety issues.  You worry about your child getting sick, your pain while nursing, money, time, and your inevitable lack of sleep.  You finally give up on the worrying a few weeks out because you know it is pointless and you are as ready as you’ll ever be.  This trip has been on your mind for over a year, confirmed and purchased for months and physically packed up since two days before departure.  It’s not going to be easy flying with an infant, but there are two of you and one of him. Surely the odds are in your favor.

As the day of departure creeps closer you start to feel something new, something refreshing. It’s not fear, anxiety, or nervousness but excitement. Yes, what a relief to feel excitement! This will be fun, this will be an adventure.

The day of travel includes two flights and a five-hour layover.  It’s long and has a few scary moments but nothing like the nightmare you anticipated. In fact, when asked how he did, you’re forced to respond with, he did well. Because it’s the truth. Huh. Your infant is already a better traveler than you are, how cute.


The blessing of being surrounded by your husband’s family outweighs all the previous stress. They are smitten with him, and it makes you deliriously happy to see everyone falling head over heels in love with your son.

There’s a wedding and it’s beautiful. Your child appears like he will cry through the entire ceremony but thankfully calms down instead and falls asleep; saving you and your hubby from having simultaneous panic attacks.


The rest of the trip is low-key and lovely. You get to watch your in-laws become grandparents and it’s awesome. You sit in the same section of the same couch to nurse. Just like at home.  You get into bad habits while you’re there because you’re on holiday (coffee, cakes, and a glass of red wine at 5 PM every day? Yes please).  Between you, your husband, and his parents, your son receives constant attention.  He’s held all the time and you won’t understand the repercussions of this until after you’re back home.


But in retrospect, you wouldn’t have changed a thing.

You spend half a day shopping in Glasgow and even though nothing fits your postpartum boobs (seriously where are the extra-large sizes, Scotland!?!?) you have a great time.  Your husband is gone for three days on a stag do (bachelor party) and it’s his first time away from his son overnight.  You do well without him but you also have help.


By the end of the two weeks everyone is starting to miss their own routine and schedule but there are still tears when it’s time to go to the airport.  It’s so much harder to leave your in-laws when you’re taking their grandson with you.

It’s amazing how much your little one has changed in such a short time.  He arrives home a big 3 month old who can grasp things, and who can communicate more clearly with smiles and sound.  The trip was such a wonderful opportunity, and even though he won’t remember it, there will be stories and photographs to remind him.  The experiences he had will shape who he is in the future.  No matter what, his journey to Scotland at 2.5 months old will always be a part of his life story.

Despite a few hurdles and the very frustrating day of travel on the way home, this was an adventure worth taking. And you have no regrets.

Hi everybody!!!!  Don’t worry, there are more stories, photos, and tips to share in the upcoming posts.  It feels good to be back and filling the blogosphere with my drama again.  Hope you’re all doing well!  🙂

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11 Responses to “No Regrets”

  1. Anita

    Yay!!! So glad you had a good trip and happy you are back!! The Wee One looks adorable as always, especially in the wedding (I assume) picture with his little tie shirt. Too cute!!

  2. CoCo

    You look fantastic in that dress!!! I’m glad that your back and can’t wait to hear more stories!

  3. Mrs Geek

    We avoided air travel with our baby girl while she was still an infant, but I believe a flight is in our near future as we enter toddlerhood and I’m already getting nervous! I’m not a huge fan of flying by myself, so bringing the little one will just be even more stress… How awesome for you that your trip went so well!

    • Stephanie

      I’m not a huge fan of flying either but the worst part is the anticipation! Try not to think about it until a week before! Good luck!

  4. Katie

    You all did so well with the trip! I would not have realized you were as nervous as you were. Your last update on the way back though sounded pretty grimy. 😉

    • Stephanie

      Ha yep, it was grimy! I’m always a bit nervous before I travel but especially this time because I was worried about son! So many variables when traveling.



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