What’s a vacation without a little drama?

Our trip was amazing overall but it definitely had its not so fun moments.  Let’s laugh (now that they’re over) at them now!

  • United Airlines couldn’t find The Wee One on our flight itinerary.  Excuse me?  We called the week after he was born and added him to the ticket, paid the tax, and requested a bassinet row.  Luckily, after a long phone call, all was resolved.  But still, not a great way to start off!
MSP airport

Still in Minnesota, The Wee One enjoyed being pushed in his stroller throughout the airport.

  • During our first night in Scotland The Wee One woke up at 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, and 3:30, at which point I decided to grab him and put him in our bed and where he slept for the rest of the night.  We could hardly blame him for being confused because we felt the same way after jumping ahead six hours and almost skipping a full night of sleep.  Luckily, he slept really well the rest of the trip in a travel cot (pack and play) by our bed.

We use the Halo swaddle for those interested.

  • The Wee One cried through the opening moments of The Wee Sis’ wedding ceremony.  I know I mentioned this before but what I didn’t say is that the wedding was in the keep of the castle.  In case you’re like me and have no idea what a keep is, Wikipedia says it’s “a type of fortified tower built within castles during the Middle Ages by European nobility.”  It’s not like a church with many entrances and exits, it’s got one way in and one way out, which in our case was a steep, spiraled brick staircase.  The Scottish was holding The Wee One in the front row designated for family.  There were no side aisles either.  To exit he would have had to walk down the center aisle of the keep to the back spiral staircase!  The Scottish made the smart decision to stand up (how is it that babies can tell when you’re sitting?) and with some vigorous rocking and shushing he got The Wee One to quiet down.  I was SO relieved.

We’ll have to wait for the professional shots to see the keep but this is our fussy little guy pre-wedding. We ended up getting lots of compliments on how well he did during the day!

  • We had four flights in total because we flew from the Twin Cities to Newark Airport in NYC to Glasgow Airport in Scotland.  On the way back both flights are slightly longer because of the wind.  The worst part of our trip was the travel day back home.  When you’re on your return flight from somewhere everything seems to take longer because you are dying to get home and you don’t have the excitement of your fun destination to keep you going.  So naturally I was crabby to begin with and as soon as the door closed on our 7.5 hour flight The Wee One had a massive blowout diaper.  The Scottish pointed to his back… poop.  And then he pointed at my shirt… poop.  CRAP, literally.  We asked if we could change him real quick as we weren’t even taxiing to the runway yet.  NOPE.  We had to stay put once the doors were closed which meant we had to wait a good 30 minutes for the aircraft to take off and for the fasten seat belt light to go away.   Our poor sweet boy was NOT happy about this but I did mange to laugh when the business man sitting next to us ordered TWO vodka’s for his orange juice as soon as the flight attendant went by.  Our flight left at 9 AM but hey, we understood!
  • There were tears that last day of travel from both The Wee One and myself.  I nursed a ton and I was constantly overheating despite wearing only a nursing tank top.  For some idiotic reason I had worn by back up tank top underneath my main one and so they were both stained with baby poo.  The poor Scottish was really sick with a cold and felt pretty miserable the whole day, and The Wee One was clingy, confused, and just plain exhausted.  He tried to sleep so many times but would get woken up when we had to move again.  When he finally went to bed that night it was 3 AM UK time but only 9 AM here.
traveling bites

This is how we looked by the end of a long day of travel.

I should say it wasn’t all stressful. We even had some travel successes! For instance, both customs lines we had to stand in were virtually non-existent, which has never happened to us before. We also got the bassinet row on the international flight home (on the way there they had sold out the economy plus seats where the bassinet fits) and were moved to the 8th row behind the bulkhead.  We had to ask our business man seat mate if he would move to the aisle but it worked out nicely so that while The Wee One slept we could both eat at the same time,a definite rarity while traveling.


As we got closer to New York something wonderful happened that I will never forget and still gives me goose bumps just thinking about it. The Wee One saw clouds for the first time!!  I was so happy to be descending (aka close to getting off the plane) that I almost didn’t open the window shade.  It had been too bright for most of the flight to leave it open but I’m so grateful I peeked because the look in his eyes when he gazed out the window was amazing.

The Wee One was so mesmerized by the blue sky and huge puffy clouds he literally couldn’t turn away.  It made my heart melt to watch him experience that for the first time.  Of course I wanted to snap a million photos but our camera had already been stowed.  It’s probably for the best though, some memories are better kept in the mind.

Thanks for reading my #firstworldtravelproblems!  What is your least favorite part of traveling?

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  1. Kelly G

    poopy diaper is no fun, esp at the beginning of a long flight! yuck. But it sounds like you had a lot of ups as well, good job handling both the wee one and a sick scottish 🙂


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