I had to interrupt these travel recaps because… The Wee One turned 3 months last week!

Unlike last time, I feel like he has changed SO much this past month.  My sleepy newborn baby is now this engaging and delightful tiny person!  Smiling and giggling are normal parts of our day and he’s grabbing at his toys and holding them for short periods of time!  He’s also getting better at self soothing and sucks on his hand frequently to keep himself occupied.  We are still working on rolling over during tummy time.  Sometimes he gets really close, kicking that leg up in the air but we have not made it all the way over just yet.

We are at the point where he only really fusses when he’s tired and needs a nap or it’s time for bed.  Well, I take that back. We’ve started having some nighttime fussies after Daddy gets home from work, which is unfortunate for The Scottish.  The thing is we are still unsure of when to put him down for bed.  Do we read his cues and shoot for earlier in the evening (like 6 pm) even though we know he won’t be able to sleep all night without another feed? Or do we keep him up until he gets that “snack” (what we call the last feeding of the night) so he’ll sleep straight through until 6 or 7 in the morning?

We have been blessed with a good sleeper so we’ll do anything to NOT rock the boat and confuse his routine.  Plus, selfishly, we want to get as much sleep as possible, because it makes us happier people and better parents.  With all of his new developments these days The Wee One is more tired in general so the plan is to take each day as it comes.  And I know that infant sleep is always changing.  Once we transition out of the swaddle it’ll be a whole ball game!

Obviously the biggest thing I want to remember from this month is our trip to Scotland to meet The Scottish’s family and friends.  The Wee One had his first flights, first wedding, first dance (with me, awww), first time out of the country, etc.  I can’t believe the trip has come and gone.  Next up we get to celebrate his first holidays and as someone who LOVES the holiday season, I can’t wait to share it with my son!!

Speaking of, HAPPY HALLOWEEN everybody!

“Don’t scare me!  I poop easily!”

i poop easily

Tonight we are staying in and passing out candy, but on Sunday we have a costume (babies only) party with our friends from new mama class.

Biggest Struggles This Month:

rolling over (baby)

traveling and dealing with new sleep/nap patterns (mom)

the fact that Mom can console The Wee One so much easier (dad)

Biggest Accomplishments This Month:

holding onto toys and pacifier (baby)

nursing anywhere and everywhere with more ease (mom)

getting from bedtime rocking to sleep in under 10 min (dad)

Here are the pictures from this month’s photo shoot.  The book is called “The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!”

Month Stats



Mommy being silly.  The Wee One being adorable.



And this hilarious tummy time shot complete with Elvis lip curl.


Are you dressing up this year?  The Scottish and I are being lame and skipping costumes but The Wee One has something adorable to wear which I’ll share next week!  Have a safe weekend everybody!

Catch up on previous months:



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