As someone who had a fairy tale themed wedding it only makes sense that I would love a castle wedding.  Even if they don’t fit your vibe or aesthetic, there is something so dreamy and alluring about castles that make them the perfect place for a wedding.

Before I go any further, I have to publicly declare a blog name change for my new brother-in-law.  I originally called him The Wee Sis’ Husband but as he pointed out it’s pretty much the most boring name ever and since The Brother-in-law is already taken by my sister’s husband, I had to come up with something new.  From this moment on, The Wee Sis’ Husband will be known as The Happy Chappie!!  My FIL called The Wee One a happy chappie on our trip and I thought it had a nice ring to it.  Done and done.

This post is going to be pretty photo-heavy so I’ve decided to skip adding the watermark to everything.  Most of the photographs are mine and some of them are from my father-in-law but they are all personal and belong to dramahappensblog.com.

The Wee Sis and The Happy Chappie at their wedding reception.  Not sure why the lighting is so off but we’ll have to wait for the professional photos for more quality pics of these two.


The Wee Sis and The Happy Chappie got married in gorgeous Dundas Castle.  I felt like I was in an episode of Downton Abbey, everything was so elegant, beautiful, and classic looking.




The Wee One cleaned up nicely if I do say so myself.


I was a bridesmaid and wore a lovely gray strapless dress.


Our room was gorgeous and had an en suite bathroom and complimentary whisky which The Scottish enjoyed.





The Wee One did really well at the reception!  He danced, he played, and he got held by family members.  He also had a diaper blow-out which led to this hilarious sight, two men in kilts changing a baby in the corner.  🙂


The rest of our trip was really relaxing and fun.  I will just share a small sampling of the photos I took because this post is long enough and many of them are of friends and family holding The Wee One.

Miraculously, we enjoyed AMAZING weather.  Scotland is known for being gloomy and rainy but we had sunshine and warm temps for October.  It was awesome and allowed us to take many walks!





You know I dragged everyone to the nearest Starbucks (which was a 25 minute drive away in Glasgow)!


This is what my evenings looked like, pumping while drinking red wine.


Not only did I embrace the concept of drinking more booze while I was there, I also tried to drink hot coffee.  I’m an exclusive iced latte drinker  here but I figure since we’ll be going to Scotland so often I should learn to drink hot coffee and hot tea.  When in Rome, right?


My coffee is filled with lots of cream and LOTS of sugar.  Baby steps.

G and G Scottish got The Wee One the cutest onesie.


It’s hard to see in that picture… but it says, “I love my Scottish grandparents.”


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18 Responses to “Let’s All Get Married in Castles!”

  1. Katie

    I love all the pictures of the wee one. It looks like Scotland was such a great trip! I’m so glad it went smoothly and that you lucked out with the weather!

  2. Anita

    I think I would like to move to Scotland now and live in that castle…I get what you mean about feeling like its Downton Abbey! And the Wee One is adorable, per usual. Men in kilts changing a diaper, does it get more manly than that?? And LOVE the name The Happy Chappie!!

    • Stephanie

      Right? It was so regal and beautiful and I forgot to mention each room had a different name. We stayed in “Spring.” 🙂 Glad you like The Happy Chappie!

  3. kimberly michelle

    If only there were extra castles around here to get married in! 🙂 Beautiful wedding!

  4. Margy

    Gorgeous photos — amazing place for a wedding! When I was a teen, I told myself that I would never ever drink coffee. I would just start my day with Diet Coke. Then college happened… and with that lots of sugared hot coffee. I particularly liked the gross instant coffee… I didn’t know any different! And the International Delight cans? Yum. Fortunately, I grew out of the instant coffee phase… and grew to love “real” coffee. 😉

    • Stephanie

      Yum Diet Coke…. I’ve never tried instant coffee but good for you liking the real stuff! I feel like that makes you a real adult. I still drink sugary coffee like a teenager. 🙂

  5. Ayesha

    It’s so nice that you not only got to participate in a beautiful castle wedding, but that you also got to spend significant time with your family!

  6. Rachel

    Wow, that castle!!! Wow!!!! Your room looks lovely, and The Wee One just makes the best faces. So adorable! So glad your trip was a lovely one, and that you are back with us now. 🙂



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