I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a DramaLite,and in case you’re new to these parts, this a series dedicated to laughing at the silly and embarrassing moments in my life.

The Wee One is not only adorable but he also has a well-developed humorous side.  Case in point, he giggles at me when I cry.  I WISH I was kidding. It’s happened twice although I’ve yet to get it recorded for proof. The first time was after I cut one of his nails so short that it gushed (ok maybe not gushed) blood.  I was crying loudly because he was crying loudly and I had never hurt him before.  It was traumatic… until he saw me sobbing and starting laughing at me.  Then I was laughing.  It was awesome.

Mommy smiling at Wee One

The other time it happened I was crying because of a sad animal commercial, I know, aren’t they the worst?!?!  And he saw me and perhaps he thought I was laughing because he started chuckling too.  So again I laughed.  Now he and Daddy have a new favorite pastime, watching Mommy cry!!

The Scottish told The Wee One they’re going to make me watch the movie UP again so he can really see me sob-heave.  #uglycrying

Secondly, this moment happened at the airport during one of our LONG five-hour layovers.  I thought it was funny so I wrote it down to share with you guys. I’m such a giver.

Me: The Wee One needs tummy time.  Lay down on the ground and let him lay on you.  (I said this with a cheeky wee grin because laying on the dirty airport floor sounds like the worst idea ever.)

The Scottish: Why don’t you lay down?  You’re softer.

Me:  Are you calling me fat?

Thank you ladies and gentlemen I’ll be here all week.

And finally, I can’t stop thinking about this one paragraph from Cup of Jo’s recent blog post on beauty.

“When are times in your life that you’ve felt beautiful?
Honestly, I always feel beautiful around my children. If you wake up with bad breath and frizzy hair and dark circles, they don’t see that. They see your essence. It’s almost as if they literally can’t see how you physically look. They just see your laugh, your eyes lighting up, your playfulness, your warmth. I always feel like this beautiful creature around them because they just run to me and hug me and climb on me. I love those little rugrats!”


Happy weekend everybody!!  🙂

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