I woke up at 6 AM, took a test, and saw this:


CUE THE FREAKING OUT (and the jumping on The Scottish who was still in bed).  I will never forget that feeling of knowing I was going to be a mother.  It was life-changing in the best possible way.

Here are three major milestones in my pregnancy with The Wee One. Bump photos at 4 weeks, 20 weeks, and the day I went into labor, at 39 weeks.

pregnancy timeline two

WOWZA.  Holy first pregnancy weight gain Batman!  🙂

Now let’s see if The Scottish has changed much…  this is how we looked one year ago.

4 weeks before text

This is how we look now:

after baby one year from positive test edited

HAHA,The Scottish looks exactly the same.  Clearly, someone forgot to gain a few pounds of sympathy or stress weight.  I look OK; just a bit “softer.”

Baby stuff aside, it’s fun to compare your life at exactly one year after something big happens!  I won’t say, “I can’t imagine my life without The Wee One,” because that’s a lie, I CAN imagine my life without him, but it’s a billion times better with him in it.  🙂



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6 Responses to “One Year Ago Yesterday…”

  1. Kelly G

    you look great! looks like he perhaps gained a couple pounds, or else he’s sticking out his belly or has a food baby lol.

  2. Katie

    Ha, I love the photo comparison! 🙂 We don’t have anything big enough going on in our lives to think about how different it was a year ago. Husband is still gone for his birthday in the army, still planning holidays, etc… Oh well. 🙂

    • Stephanie

      Ha! YES. After seeing nothing but white I decided to wait until it was 13 DPO. I’m in the camp of I’d rather get my period than see a negative test. It was worth the wait!


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