I want to share a quick story about a blogger friend of mine.

This blogger friend is named Kelly and she writes at areyoufinishedyet.com.  When I first started my blog, Drama Happens, I wasn’t sure what I was doing and how I wanted my voice to sound.  Since no one close to me (in real life) is a blogger I had no one to ask for advice and I felt like a lonely fish wading around in a sea of AMAZING writers.  How could I ever keep up?  How could I make myself stand out from the rest?  Without the help of a big website (Weddingbee) to promote my posts, I didn’t have a lot of readers.

I started reading other blogs, jumping from recommended post to recommended post (hello online networking) and that’s how I found the hilarious Kelly.  I was instantly drawn to her blog because her writing is witty, insightful, touching, and relate-able to all different age groups.  I started commenting on her posts and she commented back on mine. In those early months when I was feeling overwhelmed and doubting myself frequently it was so nice to have veterans, like Kelly, around for encouragement and guidance.

(Kelly’s recent post on what happened in Ferguson is my perfect response if only I could have been so eloquent.)

Guess what?  Kelly wrote a children’s book!!  Even though we’ve never met in person I like to think we are bonded by the world of blogging and just as you feel you know me from many of my more personal posts, I feel like I know Kelly from her writing as well. She’s a great person, mother, wife, and friend.  She’s also an author.  How cool is that?!?

Kelly wrote and illustrated a children’s book called Absolute Mayhem.


This book is perfect for kids ages 3-8 because it talks about how a child’s imagination takes hold on the weekends while boring chores and school work consume a child’s Monday through Friday.  It blows my mind how insanely good the pictures are, and I love how mayhem is represented in a slinky, sneaky, and colorful way.  I can see the characters of Lulu and Milo being friends that a child will want to visit over and over again.   Plus, we can all relate to letting loose on the weekends and creating a little mayhem right?

I present to you all a special opportunity.  The reason it’s a special opportunity is because you can support someone’s inaugural voyage into the world of children’s books.  You can buy Kelly’s book.  I don’t promote a lot of things on Drama Happens (because that’s not my style) so you know if I am asking for your support I am doing it with careful thought and consideration.  It really is an awesome book, it’s clever, silly, has a nice arc to it and really beautiful illustrations.

Check out this promotional video for a sneak peek:

Absolute Mayhem can be purchased on Amazon or at Kelly Suellentrop’s website.  Books are the perfect holiday gift for the little ones in your life so don’t wait, order a copy now!  If you can’t make a purchase at the moment help spread the word by sharing this blog post or tweeting about it!  #AbsoluteMayhem  #Lulu&Milo

And I sincerely hope that when you take a leap into a new career path you are surrounded by people willing to support you at the beginning too.  Congrats Kelly!!

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  1. Kelly Suellentrop

    Stephanie, I can’t tell you much I appreciate this thoughtful review. One of the reasons I love blogging so much is that it has introduced me to a whole new tribe of wonderful people. Thank you for being a part of that tribe, for sticking with me over these busy months when I haven’t been able to fully support you, and for helping me spread the word about the book. Big high fives to you!



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